Poison's Review Corner

Hello and welcome to the Poison Review Corner! I'm Poison and I'm here to review your characters and work!


1. Introduction!

Hello all! I am Poison, I write things, I read things, and most of all I nitpick! I'm here to help you better yourself in your writing and character creation, but first a few guidelines:

1. Please try to accept criticism! I totally get it, it's hard to be critiqued, especially for something as personal as writing. As such, I try to be gentle, but I call 'em like I see 'em.

2. I accept both character and poem/story reviews! Character reviews will be more focused on how to avoid Sue-dom while story/poem reviews will focus more on structure and general writing advice!

3. Please please be patient! Sadly, I've got a life outside of writing, so it might take a while for me to get back to you!

4. I'm going to stick to taking 3 reviews at a time, 2 character, 1 story since those take longer. Any number beyond three will be thrown into the Waiting Pits of Despair, where I will eventually get to it- hopefully in chronological order.

5. I'm not ever trying to be rude, and I'm sincerely hoping it never comes off that way!

6. If you want follow-up on your review or general less intensive help, feel free to just ask!

Until we meet again,


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