Hall of rejects

Hermione Draco and Neville each one with their own demon to face. It's up to them to decide how to conquer it, but unto they do they will each remain in the hall of rejects.
Hermione was a girl who knew to much. Draco was the boy that never new love, and Neville was always the one in the shadows. Welcome to the hall of rejects


6. The letter 📨

​Neville sat at his desk transfiguring a paper into a bird and back again. "Neville!" Hermione called walking up the stairs. Neville leaned back in his chair "In here"Hermione came into the room looking flustered "What's wrong" Neville asked concern laced in his voice. Hermione looked at him " I've just received a letter from Draco" Neville looked at at Hermione shocked " he never replies, he us just makes his star turn blue." Hermione nodded her head. " I know that's Why I'm afraid to open it."

An: Sooo I've been gone for a while but I had pneumonia and I just finished my make up work for the month yesterday so yay but I'm back now sooo yeah love ya'll - Nikiz

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