Hall of rejects

Hermione Draco and Neville each one with their own demon to face. It's up to them to decide how to conquer it, but unto they do they will each remain in the hall of rejects.
Hermione was a girl who knew to much. Draco was the boy that never new love, and Neville was always the one in the shadows. Welcome to the hall of rejects


4. The girl who knew too much

"Hermione honey your father and I just don think you should return to Hogwarts this year." I let out a yelp as I jumped up from the table. " sweetheart calm down we just don't think that its a safe place for you." I braced my arms on the table " I don't think this is a safe place for me" I said motioning around the room. " my two best friends are at Hogwarts you guys cant stop me from going back" I yelled as I ran up the stairs to my room. I slammed the door and lunged for my desk, I needed to write Draco I knew it wouldn't help me in any way but i needed some closure in my crazy life. I just needed to know that he was still alive. I thought my family was bad but it was nothing compared to Draco's.

​Dear Draco,

​I know by me writing and sending thus letter I am doing more harm then good but I needed to make sure that your monster of a father hadn't killed yo yet... Anyways how are things at the manor, I mean I know how things are but how are you faring. Do you need me to send more healing potions because I can. Alright I've stalled long enough time to get to the point. My parents don't want me to return to Hogwarts this year, I know there's no changing their minds do I'm leaving tonight for Neville's home yours is closer but I cant stay with you for obvious reasons. That's all for now Draco take care of yourself but above all else stay safe. Neville and I will be awaiting your arrival in the hall of rejects.

​          - H.G

AN: I am fully aware how long its been since I've updated ANYTHING. But I've been in new Orleans with my youth group since last Friday like I just got home today. I did try to reply to your comments though, yeah but for real the more yo comment the faster I post so yeah love ya'll - Nikiz

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