Hall of rejects

Hermione Draco and Neville each one with their own demon to face. It's up to them to decide how to conquer it, but unto they do they will each remain in the hall of rejects.
Hermione was a girl who knew to much. Draco was the boy that never new love, and Neville was always the one in the shadows. Welcome to the hall of rejects


5. The boy who lived in the shadows

​"Why can't you be more like your parents they were brave and strong, they went through Hell and back to makes sure you would live a good life." My Grandmother said her words slurring " Gram you've had to much to drink" I said. I knew she would say these things even if she wasn't drunk, she was livid when she found out I wasn't sorted into a house

*Flash Back*

Neville I have been waiting very long time to know what house you were sorted into, I don't know why you didn't just send a letter. I guess you just wanted to tell me that you have been sorted into Gryffindor in person," I stood in silence not knowing how to tell her. "c'mon Neville out with it boy" I took a breath and looked at my last living relative. " I haven't been sorted into a house" I stuttered stupidly. My Grandmother stared at me incredulously " you weren't sorted into a house b-but your a Longbottom your parents must be rolling in their graves. I can't believe this a-and where do you sleep. This was the part I dreaded telling her the most. I swallowed hard " t-the other Kids call it the hall of rejects." "r-rejects there's more of you" she asked with a look of horror on her face " t-two other kids Draco and Hermione." " A Malfoy is in this hall of rejects, his father must be livid. Serves them right all the pain they brought to this world." My grandmothers eyes got misty at the mention of the Malfoy family. " Draco's not that bad gram he hates his father and everything he stands for, his best friend Hermione Granger is a muggle born and we've all become good friends" " f-friends" my grandmother screeched. " is this how you wanna carry on the longbottem legacy you little-" " NEVILLE GET THE DOOR" sorry grams I said snapping out of my trance. I ran to the door and opened it. " Merlin Hermione how the bloody hell did you get here" Hermione shook her head at me " honestly Neville we're going into our seventh year at Hogwarts and you still don't know how to apparate." " I do to" I said deffensively Hermione looked at me and smiled " so what are you doing - " my gram chimed in " HAVEN'T YOU PEOPLE EVER HEARD OF CLOSING A GODDAMN DOOR?" ( sorry I had to do😈 P!ATD) " sorry grams" I said ushering Hermione inside and closing the door. " so now tell me why you're here" " well my parents don't want me to return to Hogwarts so I'm going to have to stay with you so I can return to school." I looked at her " what about after Graduation" I asked " I was thinking me you and Draco hit the road and never look back." I shrugged " sounds good to me"

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