Hall of rejects

Hermione Draco and Neville each one with their own demon to face. It's up to them to decide how to conquer it, but unto they do they will each remain in the hall of rejects.
Hermione was a girl who knew to much. Draco was the boy that never new love, and Neville was always the one in the shadows. Welcome to the hall of rejects


1. hello

Hermione Neville and Draco each belonged in the hall of rejects. It wasn't by choice but by fate, it was fate that when the sorting hat fell upon their heads it said they didn't belong to any house. There is a special hallway for people who aren't brave like Gryffindor's or cunning like Slytherine's they weren't smart like Ravenclaw's and they were not loyal like Hufflepuff's. These three they were special because they belonged to no house and they lived in a long dark hallway that people called the hall of rejects.

An: So the titles got messed up some how so this chapter is supposed to be called welcome to the hall of rejects and the next one is the boy who didn't know love. Also be sure to follow me because I will follow back and that's it love ya'll - Nikiz

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