My Bff

Emily met her best friend in 2nd grade but 5 years after they met something horrible happens!! Will Emily's friend die?? Will they quit being friends?? Read the story to find out what happens!


4. Rest of birthday weekend

Emily went down stairs to her mom and asked if she got the extra phone sim card, hoverboard, clothes, the shoes, the ipad, the apple computer, a Victoria secret bookbag and the 3 phone cases. Her mom said yes and went into the kitchen and grab the gifts which were underneath the sink and handed them to Emily.

"Thank you mom, Lindsey is a really good friend, she is like a sister to me and I hate seeing her sad." Emily explained.

Karen said "I know sweetie and I hate seeing her sad to, she is like a daughter to me even though I have known her for only 2 weeks." Emily and Karen headed up stairs, when they got to Emily's room they found Lindsey crying. Karen told Emily to leave the gifts in the hallway.

Karen said "Lindsey sweetie what's wrong?"

"I don't really know I guess I'm just jealous because Emily gets all this really cute stuff for her birthday and Christmas and everything and a hardly get nothing sometimes a card, and like 15 dollars! explained Lindsey.

"I know and I'm really sorry, you can always ask us for something, your like a daughter to me and a sister to Emily, so we have got you something and no its not a card or money and we have already talked to your mom about this and she did cry!" Karen explained. Emily went out into the hallway and carried each present two by two. Emily and Karen both said to open them. The first one Lindsey opened was the clothes which were 5 pairs of miss me jeans some jeans from American eagle and some shirts from justice. The next thing was the 3 pairs of shoes she got which wear the black and white high top converse and the black and white Adidas which was the shoes she has always wanted. The next thing was the blue and pink hoverboard, then the Victoria secret book bag, then the apple computer and the ipad, the next thing was the sim card and the 3 phone cases, the last thing was the apple iPhone 7 plus. After all the presents were opened Lindsey started crying. After she was done crying they put her sim card into her phone got it set up and picked a phone case for her to put on her phone. Then Emily and Lindsey got shoes on and Karen took them to go get ice cream from Andy's. As soon as they got home they went up stairs plugged in their phones and went to bed. The next morning the girls woke up got dressed got their phone and charger just in case their phone died. By 8:30am everyone that was going was ready which was only Emily, Lindsey, Karen, and Parker which is Emily's 14 year old sister. Abby and Paige is staying home with Andrew. Karen, Parker, Emily, and Lindsey got into the car and Karen headed to McDonalds to get everyone something to eat. After they headed to six flags. They got to six flags around 12:00pm and they were there in till 2:30pm then they headed to Subway to get something to eat and then headed to the ice/roller skating rink, after they went shopping. Karen gave Parker 2000 dollars, gave Emily 9000 and Lindsey 10000 dollars. Emily and Lindsey headed straight to the clothing stores and spent about 5000 on clothing then spend 200 on a really popular girl phone case for the iPhone 7 plus and the rest of the money they spent on shoes, a bathing suit, and other girly things. Everyone headed back to the entrance of the mall. They got dinner at Taco Bell and then they headed home. They finally got home around 8:00pm. They were all so tired they all went to their rooms and went to bed. The next day Karen, Parker, Emily, and Lindsey woke up at 11:00am and at 2:00 Rachel knocked on the door of Emily's house. Karen answered.

"Hi Karen, how's Lindsey?" asked Rachel

"She's okay, I gave her all the gifts and then went to celebrate Emily's birthday yesterday. We took her to six flags, ice/roller skating, bowling, and we went to do some shopping and she got a lot of clothes and shoes and everything." Karen explained.

Rachel said " Oh my gosh, thank you so much it means so much to me."

Karen said "Its no problem at all, if you need anything just tell me!"

Rachel said" Thank you, your such a great friend, I'm glad Rachel has a friend that cares so much about her, and if something ever happen to me I would want her to come her because she really doesn't have anyone else to go to."

"Aweee, well thank you, just hope nothing will ever happen because she has an amazing mom." Karen said.

"Thank you." Rachel said

"Lindsey your moms here!" Karen yelled.

"Coming!" yelled Lindsey.

Every weekend Lindsey came over for six years and then something bad happen!

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