My Bff

Emily met her best friend in 2nd grade but 5 years after they met something horrible happens!! Will Emily's friend die?? Will they quit being friends?? Read the story to find out what happens!


3. Birthday Party (Friday)

So that next weekend Emily only invited Lindsey of course and she was going to spend the night because it didn't make since for her to go home that night but wake up around 8:00am to go six flags and everything. So that night when Lindsey's mom dropped of Lindsey, her mom came up to the door with her so she can meet Emily and her parents because she didn't have time to last time. So Lindsey's mom met Emily's parents and everything and Karen asked if she wanted to stay with us to have dinner and everything but she had to decline because she had to go back to work. (By the way Lindsey's moms name is Rachel) So everyone spent 2 hours playing games having pizza, cake, and ice cream. After they were done playing wii sports they started opening presents. The first gift was from Lindsey which was finger nail polish and a new Paris poster because Emily loves Paris. The next present was from her mom and dad which was the new iPhone 7 plus. Emily screamed when she opened it! She open the last two, one was a new teal hoverboard and a Paris phone case to fit her new phone. After they were done celebrating Lindsey and Emily went up stairs. Emily took out the sim card from the she had and put it into her new one. After she was done setting up her new phone, hoverboard and putting up her new poster. Emily looked over at Lindsey and she looked sad.

Emily asked "What's wrong Lindsey?"

"I never get half the things you get for you birthday I want a phone and a hoverboard but my mom can't afford it." Lindsey said. Hold on said Emily. Stay in my room.


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