My Bff

Emily met her best friend in 2nd grade but 5 years after they met something horrible happens!! Will Emily's friend die?? Will they quit being friends?? Read the story to find out what happens!


2. Birthday news

So they next day at school, as soon as Emily seen Lindsey, Emily went up to her.

Emily asked "Hey Lindsey, do you maybe want to come over and spend the night tonight?"

"I would love to, but I need to call my mom first!" explained Lindsey.

"Alright, do you need to borrow my phone or do you have your own?" asked Emily.

Lindsey said "Can I borrow yours my mom won't buy me one!" Emily handed her the phone, Lindsey called her mom and asked. When she got off the phone Lindsey said "My mom said yes!"

Yay, you can just ride the bus home with me and we can call your mom to bring you clothes when we get to my house!" explained Emily.

Lindsey said "Alright." All day long Lindsey and Emily kept talking and talking about what they were going to do tonight. As soon as school was over they ran to the bus as fast as they could. When they got to Emily's house, Emily introduced her to everyone and then they headed up stairs to Emily's room.

"Whoa your room and big and beautiful." explained Lindsey.

"Well thank you." said Emily. Lindsey finally called her mom and her mom brought over her stuff. Karen ordered pizza for dinner. After the pizza got there 30 minutes later Emily and Lindsey went back up to Emily's room. The girls talked about school, boys, and other things girls usually talk about at sleep overs. Later that night, at about 9:30 Karen came in and sat down on the bed with the girls.

"So Emily I know your birthday is next weekend and I wanted to something special." explained Karen.

Emily said "Okay..."

"So next Friday I thought you can invite anyone you want over and we can have a party, we can have  pizza, cake, ice cream, games, and even open presents." explained Karen."

"Okay!" said Emily.

"Not only that but on Saturday, we can go to six flags, we can go ice skating, roller skating, bowling, and whatever else you want to do. But you can also bring Lindsey with you!" explained Karen.

"Oh my gosh mom, thank you so much!" said Emily happily.

Karen said "Your welcome darling, I wanted to do something special and I thought this could be a big memory to start your special friendship!"

"It would!" explained Emily. After all of that they girls turned off the lights turn the television on to liv and Maddie and fell asleep around 10:30.




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