My Bff

Emily met her best friend in 2nd grade but 5 years after they met something horrible happens!! Will Emily's friend die?? Will they quit being friends?? Read the story to find out what happens!


1. The first day of school

Emily Hart is a 2nd grader at Benton elementary school. She has 3 other siblings Abby which is 2, Paige which is 6, and Parker which is 14. Her moms name is Karen, she works as a 8th grade social studies teacher. Her dads name is Andrew, he works as a lawyer. They all just move to California from New York City. So Emily has never really had a real best friend so she has always been wanting one. So one day it was the first day of school, Emily was starting 2nd grade at Benton elementary and her teacher was Mrs.Bowyer. At recess later that day Emily went up to little girl that was sitting alone.

Emily asked "What's your name?"

"Lindsey, what's yours?" asked the little girl.

"My name is Emily, do you want to play together?"

Lindsey said "Sure, will you be my best friend?" So they rest of the day Lindsey and Emily talked to each other, so they can get to know each other a little better. After school that day, Emily went home happy. Emily walked in and her sister was standing by the door.

"What are you doing Parker?" asked Emily.

"I'm going out with a new friend!" Parker said.

"Ok love you bye." said Emily. Emily went into the kitchen and found her mom.

Emily explained "I have a best friend mommy!"

"That's wonderful! When do I get to meet her?" Karen asked

"I don't know, can I ask her to spend the night here tomorrow night?" asked Emily

Karen said "If she wants to, don't make her if she don't want to Emily and take your phone to school with you tomorrow!"

"Ok mom!" said Emily.











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