The stranger!


2. Chapter two: the new encounter

Sheyla's p.o.v.

It was my second day and the boys gave me a necklace to control my powers. At school it went normal until a boy named Justin shoved me against the wall." Shut it you witch I want to pla.... nice necklace", I got free and punched him in the nose and ran out as quick as possible to go home.

I got home and I started crying until newt came in." Sheyla what's wrong",I looked at him and explained everything. He hugged me and told me to get rest.

The next day I spent it all on training and it went good

Newt's p.o.v.

" Sheyla copy me ok", and she nodded," by the seven seas I command life, death and all of my faith for the life of human race". She looked at me and said ," by the seven seas I command life, death and all my faith for the life of human race", and She accidentally made a hole in the ground.

"I um I did that on accident", she looked at me and I nodded.

Someone knocked and she opened the door."newt is it ok for me to go on a date with marek". She looked at me and I let her go. An 1 later she came back all lovesick and she said," is this why they call it a new encounter for". I looked at her and nodded.

She continued training and she did perfectly in every single move. She screamed," HE'S COMING BACK". Then she fainted. She was breathing normally and the necklace she had turned from red to blue. She woke up and smiled.

She said," you will be married soon and you will be very happy by your first encounter so no wonder why they call it true love",I smiled and thanked her for being my sister and she said, "your welcome".

????????? p.o.v.

"Well well well I finally found you".


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