The stranger!


3. Chapter three: the fight

Sheyla's p.o.v.

"Get out of here now Penelope before you get hurt", I saw here smirk and I used my fire power." I told you so now you have no chance", she looked at me and said," I'm not here to fight you but he is". I turned around in time and stopped his fireball before hitting newt.

" you had to ruin my fun didn't you", I smiled and said," to bad you can't just hurt my brother, Zayn". He smirked and said," let's fight then", I looked at him and said," ok then let the best one win". We started fighting and an hour later he said something and he said,"by the power of the dead and life I summon the power of light!". That spell shot a direct line of light toward me and newt tried to stop it but it was to late. It got me and I fell.

Zayn's p.o.v.

When I saw her she was still standing and breathing but she looked different. She had hair as white as snow and her eye color is as red as blood and her skin was paler then usual. I used my wind power and shoved her in the pool and started laughing evilly. I looked at her brother and before I could say anything she said," by the power of wind, earth, fire and water I command the power of death".

I looked at her and she was standing on the water and the four elements around her and she was pointing at me. Then a strike of light came down and that's the last thing I saw.

Newt's p.o.v.

When that was over she looked at me and she was back to normal. She was to weak and she couldn't stand on the water anymore so she fell in going all the way down. I ran over to the pool and jumped in. I took her out and when I checked her heartbeat there was no heartbeat.

I started crying and when I saw her she was floating and she was covered in dust and when the magic was in her she woke up and started coughing. She looked up and said," he's gone again but I am going to die soon and you can't stop it, if I turn into the other form again I may die". I looked at her and started crying harder. I said,"you saved us all and if you weren't there he would have killed us all", she looked at me and I said," you won the fight for us so thank you".

She looked at me and she hugged me. When she hugged me I hugged her harder and I kept saying thank you and she said," you're welcome".


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