The stranger!


1. Chapter one: the new stranger

Marek's p.o.v.

A new student is coming today and since I am head of the committee, for my good looks, I have to greet the new student. I saw her come in school and she was wearing all blue and her eye color was also blue but her hair color was also blue but a beautiful blue color. I came up to her and before I could say anything she looked at me and ran to her class.

In class I was talking to my girlfriend and the teacher said there was a new student. She came in and said," my name is Sheyla Amaya and I used to live in England". Everyone looked at her and a student said,"move away YOU witch". She looked at him and he looked back. He said nothing else after that. She took a seat next to me and she was silent the rest of the day.

Sheyla's p.o.v.

After school I ran home and I saw a note saying my brothers were somewhere. I opened my drawing book and I drew whatever was going to happen to me. I heard a knock and I opened the door and said," how may I help you". The boy looked up and he said," my name is marek and I wanted to say welcome to Arizona". I nodded and closed the door.

2 hours later my brothers, Newt, Christian, Edward and Harry came inside. When they weren't looking I threw a ball of water at all of them and I started laughing. Newt threw a fireball and I put it out by my ice. Oh and to tell you I control every single element.

After the fight I fell to the floor screaming in pain. I screamed," HE'S COMING BACK". Then I fainted.

Newt's p.o.v.

He's coming back after all those years and Sheyla is the only one who can defeat him and we need her alive. We set her on her bed and she was still sleeping. After 2 hours she came downstairs with a drawing and she showed us. It was her in the water controlling it underneath and taking him out. We looked at each other and we were shocked.

She used her water powers and closed every single window and she said," I will die in this fight and I need all you to be strong but if I survive I will die soon so I need you to lend me your powers when I am weak ok". We all nodded and looked at her. She smiled and said," anyways we are strangers so no one will know us very well either way", we all hugged and smiled.


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