The stranger!


4. Chapter four: she's still alive

Sheyla's p.o.v.

I looked up at the sky and I said it was beautiful. Christian ran out to the backward and said Edward is dying. I ran inside and he told everyone else to get out and they did. "Ed....Edward you're dy...dying", he looked at me and started laughing and he said," I'll miss you". Then he closed his eyes. I yelled and said,"please don't go please", then I started sobbing hard.

Then I used my magic and his soul came out. I smiled and he left. The boys came in and I said sobbing," he is dead". The boys hugged me and we did his funeral the next day and I started crying even more.

Afterwards we came home and I used my magic to clean the house. Then Penelope came in and she tried killing me but I hit her with my water ball and she fainted and I dragged her out using my magic. He came back and he got me will I was not looking. Newt came in and he saw me on my other form.

Zayn's p.o.v.

I saw her up and I said," by the powers of god I demand her to die", newt tried. But it hit her before he could stop it again. She was standing and she had hair as black as a ravens wing and her eye color was purple and she said," by the power of god and the devil I demand him to be sent away". She pointed at me and I said the same thing but not the banish part. She got hit and I was banished.

Newt's p.o.v.

I saw her and she was on her normal form and blood was everywhere and she had no heartbeat. I said," please come back". She whispered," by the seven angels bring me life", and magic healed her. She looked at me and she started crying. I cried to and she said,"I survived and I am surprised".

I smiled and I said," you vanished him forever thank you sis". She looked up and said," it's time for you to marry you know", I started laughing and said,"ok".


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