The stranger!


5. Chapter five: she's a demon and a angel!

Newts p.o.v.

All Sheyla ever talks is about me getting married. She stopped talking when a council member walked in wanting to talk to her. A hour later he left without looking back and disappeared. She looked at me and said," I'm p...part demon," I looked at her and I said." No wonder you can't die easily". She looked at me and she started sobbing hard. I looked at her shocked and I hugged her. I said," you were born with a gift Sheyla but we never told you because we might get you killed". She looked up at me and said," is there anyone stronger than me", when I looked at her I nodded a no.

She had a face of sadness but a stranger somehow came into our house and said," Sheyla amaya you are here on out banished from this world and the only way is to beat you in a fishy". I looked at her and she told me not to speak when she was fighting. Sheyla didn't fight she stood there looking at him and when he punched Sheyla her face came alive. Her hair was up to her knees and her hair color was black her eye color was red as blood and her outfit turned into something a demon would wear.

Sheyla's p.o.v.

I transformed into my demon force and I said in a demonic voice," by the power of Satan and god I demand power at my side". That's when I got even stronger. I punched him and then he said," by the power of Satan she must die". When he said that I killed him after he said that and I turned into my human form. I was not able to breath but magic covered me and my hair turned as white as snow and my eyes turned blue as the ocean. I had lighter skin and wings grew on me. I looked at newt and he said," Sheyla not only are you a demon you are also a angel". I saw newts hand and it was bleeding. I healed it and when he looked at me he said," I have never seen a person with such power what happened to you". I looked at him and said," I died so Edward and harry did a spell to give me powers of a demon and a angel. The only way for me to turn into one of those I have to get hurt badly enough to change so yeah". He looked at me and said," you died".

I nodded and said," I was driving home from someplace from London and some drunk driver drove into me and my car went into the water so tried getting out but my arm got stuck and I fell in the water also. I have a scar mark since that day but I remember being saved and that's when I got my powers fully".

He looked at me and powers went into my human form again. I fainted and said," I'm dying slowly and all I want to do is get married and it's been almost two weeks from school so I have to go to school", I looked at him and he nodded and before I fully fainted I said ," and the forms I turned into are the real deal so never ever get in between a fight that I am having". He looked at me and nodded and I fainted fully but before I did newt said," you are also something else so when you wake up I will tell you". Then everything went black.


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