'The humans are dying. In a way, it’s their own fault. They reached too far. Dug too deep. They tried to claim the furthest reaches of the world, and in doing so, they found the ether.
What is the ether? That’s a good question. '



3. Called

The humans call the beyond a version of hell. They are wrong. In a way, it’s beautiful. There is no equivalent in your world. It is peaceful, and gentle.

    But my opinion on the beyond is not shared by all. After all, I am here of my own free will. I am told that those who were imprisoned here are tortured constantly, and left in endless pain. But I cannot describe their reality, because I have never felt it. I know no reality other than my own.

    So if I was so fond of the beyond, then why did I leave? That is simple. I am fond  of my constant and unchanging reality, but I long- as many do- for new sensations. I had never felt anything other than the beyond, so when the ether was stolen, and the gateway was opened, I was drawn towards it.

    I was not the first. The hungry ones made it to the gateway long before I did. By the time I entered your world, the enkai were already free.

    The enkai are the ones that terrorize your world. They are the monsters that haunt your skies, roam your earth, and burn your towns and cities. They are what people think of when the beyond is mentioned.

    The enkai were only the beginning though. There are other beings- creatures beyond your wildest nightmares. They are here to take your world.

    The ones that are not here to hurt you are called the Saritae. They seek peace with your kind, and nothing else. They understand that this world belongs to you, and must remain that way.

    But your kind are not prepared to fight those of the beyond. You must be trained if we are to be saved. And so, they sent me.

    You may ask why. There were creatures in the beyond who were much more powerful than I- creatures who would have been willing to help. But there is one simple reason that it was me they chose.

    They sent me because I don’t exist.

    Now, this may not make sense, but it is the truth. I don’t exist. Not on your plane of reality.

    You’re confused. Patience. I will explain as best I can. In order to exist on your plane of reality, something must have a cohesive form. It must fit into rules. It must make sense. If it cannot be explained, then it clearly does not exist.

    You see, there is a very simple reason they call me the dreamer. I do not have a set form. I am fluid. An ever changing state. I cannot describe my forms to you, because I do not know how you would see them. Perhaps you would recognize them, and perhaps you would not. There are things of the beyond that are far past your wildest dreams.

    Stepping from the beyond into your world was my first transition. That in itself was a new experience. You humans have no idea how warm your world is. The beyond is empty- there is no space for warmth, and yet there is too much space. I am sorry if you do not understand. It is complicated for a being like me to put things into human terms. You will have to follow with me, for I have little understanding of your kind.

    I see I have become distracted. That is easy to do, with my nature. I was speaking of your world. How warm it is. And how bright. There is not what you would call ‘light’ in the beyond. But your world… it shines like a beacon. It’s no wonder that you draw attention to yourselves from all realms.

    Entering your realm is one of the strangest things I’ve ever experienced. The light and the warmth are only the first impressions. As the world unfolds, I see your world for the first time.

    Your world is not like the beyond. It is… textured. There are different sensations to it. And then there is something else… a difference. I cannot say what it is. I have never seen it before. But each texture has something different too it. They are not the same, but I do not understand what caused the lack of sameness. All around me there is this difference. I cannot describe it in any way other than lights and darks. In the beyond, there is the same constant darklight. Here, there are all shades of dark and light, and other shades that I can only call in between. I am sorry if my description is inadequate- I cannot explain properly things that we see differently.

    Nearby me is a strange little winged creature. I study it, before taking its form. I am not sure what it is. Perhaps it is a distant cousin of the Tyrai. It has the same sharp claws and beak. It’s very dark, but it swoops gracefully in the light above. I follow it, experimenting with this new form. The beyond does not offer many chances to shift. I relish the chance to claim new opportunities.

    The message arrives as I am riding the strange air of this world. Your air is so full, and populated by strange currents. The winged creature whose form I held could ride them easily, but mimicking its moves grew difficult sometimes, especially with these currents coming from all around.

    Understand, this message did not come in your human language. But its meaning was clear.

    It came from the Saritae- the beings who wish to protect your world. There were no words, for words were the language of the humans. But the meaning was clear. This world was not ours. We were strangers here, in a foreign land. Order must be restored. The ether must be closed. The enkaie must be returned to their prison.

    The Saritae were assembling a force. A human force- to close the ether. But these humans were not prepared to fight the forces they would have to battle in order to seal the ether shut. They needed to be trained.

And so I was told to go to the girl. She is a human, but she is more like me than you. Her form is not stable. She does not have to hold the human form that all of you maintain. She is what you call a shapechanger, and what I call a dreamer. She is the first- and it is up to me to train her.

You humans might have refused such a task, but those of the beyond have a better understanding of what is right. We know that this must be done. And so I take to the skies.

The winged creature is too slow, so I take the form of the currents themselves. I feel warmth, and follow it, knowing that it will lead me to the girl. I must hurry. Time is running out. The enkai slowly claim your world. The more powerful beings are on their way, working up from the lowest levels of the beyond.

And if they arrive, then there is no hope for this world.

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