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3. Lost to the Flames

Lost to the Flames.

The blurb really interests me to read on. You made it clear to the reader what to expect (which is a good concept but takes away the element of surprise) and you introduced the character of Rune Oakes.

I have to say, I was a little confused by Rune's speech - I mean where is she from? Was she putting on that accent and if she was then why?

It made me smile seeing you added a lesbian couple, not many 'straight' books have that and I'm glad you did.

I loved everything about this (except for the odd mistake here and there) and I honestly can't explain everything because there isn't much to talk about for this to be interesting.

I'm definitely going to be reading this in my spare time, and I totally recommend it.


I feel really sad because my reviews suck so much and ugh I'm so sorry if you're not satisfied.

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