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2. Hoist the Colours

Hoist the Colours;

The book cover and blurb is enough to get anyone's attention as it gives a feel for what the story is about.

Interesting plot from just reading a few chapters, I love the idea of pirates and I think you executed it very well. I have to admit, I was pretty confused at the start, I mean how did he get there? Maybe I missed something or maybe he was meant to be like that, and you find out later in the story.

I loved how you described the surroundings, it gave me a feel for the place they were in and it felt very atmospheric.

I really liked how you've done the relationships between the characters, from just reading a few chapters you've already created bonds between them.

I think my favourite thing about the book was the character Morrow because I liked the cockiness he portrayed in the first few chapters. He seems like he's strong, well for the most part and I like that about him.

I totally recommend you read this book as it's interesting and quirky.


Wow I'm sorry if this sucked, I couldn't read the whole book because I have a short attention spam and I didn't want to blabber on. This is my first review so I'm so sorry if it's rubbish - I wasn't sure what to write.

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