the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


1. the real me

so hey... my name is mia williams and i guess i should start at the begining of my story.

​It all started at the begining of the year when i started a new year in a new place, i had just finished a year in (lets just say not a nice area) and i was drained of all the things i cared about, but i also caught a nasty desease called..  anxiety. i wasnt socialising, i guess you could say i was going though my 'rebel stage' but to me it was more, it was like a part of me and i think it still is.

​But before i came to this new school of course i had jut gotten braces and a new haircut which i thought would looked good but i thought i ended looking like a nerdy dora. Yes i got a fridge, shut up.

First day: 'hi you must be the new girl, mia, right?' said a quirky looking girl with huge classes and a teethy grin

."ah, yes thats me unfortunenetly' i replied looking to the ground. She told me what any greeting person would say

"youll love it here! well you have buisness first in B2, if you need any help call me" then she gave me her number and left. Well she didnt seem that bad. I walked around wondering where this B2 would be, after about ten minutes i had finally found my class. i slowly entered the classroom, all eyes on me..... i froze.

'Hello, earth to new girl, shouted a barbie looking girl from the front row. "oh sorry, what did you say?'' i said

"i-"sudently the rude girl was interupted but a large man with a beard that reminded me of hagrid from harry potter. "I was asking why your in my class!' i quickly ruffled in my bag and handed him a timetable and he motioned for me to sit.. so i did.




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