the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


8. the jealousy plan

​Once the bell rung for lunch we parted ways and he gave me his number. "he sounds so nice" Jess said . "wait till i tell you what i saw this morning" I replied getting closer, i told her about sarah sitting on sabastions lap. "OMG! You should make him jealous!" she said eagerly, now normally im not the person to do this but i was hurt soooo "Im in" i replied.


​Jess filled me in on her 'evil' plan and i went along with it. After she told me, i went to brandon and asked him to play along, he was more than happy to. I laughed and took is hand to were jessica had told me to go. "Brandon, i was wondering if you could tutor me after school?" i said in my sexy voice making sure sabastion would hear me.


"yeah um absolutely, after school?" he replied touching my arm. I went close to him and kissed him on the cheek, I whispered in his ear "thank you" he smiled at me and took my hand and we walked off, leaving sabastion flaming with jealousy. After two more hours of hell it was the end of school, before i could go find Brandon a hand grabbed me and pulled me into the corner. "ouch" i exclaimed, i looked up to see who it was. "what do you want sabastion?" i asked annoyed. "I want to know why your going to brandons?" He said making sure i didnt walk away.


​"I think he is really sweet... and cute" I replied tiddling my hair. "please can you just listen to my explanation?" He asked in a puppy tone. "fine" i gave in looking down. " Now i know you probably only noticed us, and not the whole class watching us... we were doing a play mia!" he said grabbing my hand "i wouldnt do that". I looked up and before i could say anything he pushed me up against a wall and kissed me. I couldnt help it, so i kissed him back. "um okay i believe you" I said, he came closer for another one and i cheeked him "but" i said playfully "your gonna have to make it up to me". he smirked and chased me. I fell down and he started tickling me "say you'll forgive me" he said "omg omg hahaha okay okay i forgive you".

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