the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


11. the holiday part 2

​"Sabastion I cant believe this is happening" I mumbled. He came close to me and whispered in my ear "you deserve it baby" I blushed and kissed him. We went to my house and he helped me pack. I had to pack clothes for 10 days in Europe... this feeling felt incredible I was about to go on an overseas trip with my perfect boyfriend but something still didn't feel right. "Brandon" I said meaning to say in my head. "Um who is Brandon?" asked sabastion irritated. "uhh I have to go for a minute ill be right back" I said quickly and ran out. "what?" said sabastion confused.


    I ran, I ran like crazy to a certain house. "hey mia, what are you doing here?" asked Brandon. I went inside his house and sat down on the closest couch "well I just wanted to tell you something" he looked down at me intrigued "I'm going to Europe for a bit and I just thought I should tell you." He looked down and then looked up faking a smile "oh yeah that's great. Are you going by yourself?" he asked


"No I'm going with sabastion" I said smiling "Great that's great"  he said obviously angry. "hey whats wrong?" I said going to touch his arm, he moved and quickly said "um I have stuff to do, so have fun okay?' he said walking towards the door.   "Uh okay?" I said looking at him confused I stood up and kissed him on the cheek he then closed the door after me. He slid down the door and sighed. I again ran back to my house "sorry babe" I said puffing. "its okay but hurry up the flight is in 2 hours". 


​We then quickly hurried to the airport, once we got there sabastion ran to the airport timetable to see where our flight was.. "alright mia we have 5 minutes to get to gate 4" he sighed and then picked me up along with our 2 heavy bags. "ah sabastion put me down" I said laughing hysterically. After 4 minutes of being carried he finally put me down and kissed my forehead "we made it" he said puffing. I laughed and punched him on the arm. *Hello will everyone on the flight 23564 please start boarding* I looked at sabastion and squealed with excitement.  


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