the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


10. the holiday part 1

After that whole situation my mum left the next morning and honestly I wasn't expecting anything different, although on the other hand I didn't know she would give up that easily. My dad seems distant like he is tip towing around me, from that incident he thinks that one little thing will break me. "jess I don't know what to do" I finally said breaking the silence of the morning. "what did something happen with sabastion?" she asked. I haven't told her about the mum thing she will over react and send me to an asylum or something. "oh um yeah just a little argument but its okay now" I replied. She nodded not noticing the guilty look on my face.


Familiar arms wrapped around my shoulders and whispered "hey baby, can I talk to you for a second" said sabastion. "sure" I replied getting up and waving goodbye to jess. "so whats up?" I asked, sabastion took my hand and kissed it. "whats wrong and don't say nothing because I know your lying"  I looked down and tried thinking about a lie. "i just have rarely been sleeping that's all" he stared at me and rolled his eyes "We are going to go somewhere for a little bit" he said going on his phone, I laughed and said "your kidding right? what about our parents?"  "I have already talked to your dad, and he agrees that you need some space from your life right now." he said. I just stood there looking at him "have I ever told you your the best thing in my life" I said "no you haven't but I'm flattered" he said proudly then leaned down and softly kissed me.

Later that say he showed me where we are going. "were going to Europe!" I asked in disbelief. He nodded and me and smiled. I screamed excitedly and jumped up and down.

*author message* sorry this chapter is really short, this wont happen again xx

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