the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


6. the dance


​After school we went to Jessicas house and she showed me what i would wear to the dance, she pulled out the dress and my facial expression changed. I tried the dress on and jessica dragged me to the bathroom and did my make up "Sabastion wont be able to keep his eyes off you!" said a very proud jessica I laughed and looked in the mirror. I looked good; for once i can say that.


​Two hours later the party started, jess gave me instuctions to walk down the stairs when a slow song came on. *set in stone playing* I slowly walked done the stairs not wanting to look up knowing everyone was looking at me, but of course i had to at some point. So i lifted my head and saw sabastion with his mouth open and his eyes shimmering, he looked fricken amazing! "you look so beautiful, mia" he said taking my hand "thank you, you dont look to bad yourself" i replied. "may i have this dance?" he asked. This was all so crazy it felt like it was from a movie, it was perfect.


We walked to the centre of the room and we slow danced, he took my waist and i couldnt help but blush "your so beautiful" he said again. I couldnt take it, this attention that i have never gotten before. Without thinking i grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss, his lips touched mine and it felt amazing. This kiss, my first kiss was all i had ever wished for. We stopped after three magical minutes and just looked at eachother, i tried to talk but all that came out was "wow". He laughed and gave me one last kiss.


The night was over and i must say i think it was the best night of my life, Jessica offered to walk me home. While we were walking, i filled her in on all the details. "wow mia it sounds like you had a good night" she exclaimed. "so what did you do?" i asked "well im pretty i had sex with a guy named harry or larry.. something like that" she replied cassually. "ew jess!" i softly punched her and we laughed all the way to my house. I just layed in bed and i just smiled thinking of the amazing night i had just had and slowly dazed off.


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