the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


2. the boy

​"so class today i will be giving you all an assingment, mia just try and understand, the assingment is to write an essay on what you want your future to be.". "anything we want, mr brancham?" yelled the rude girl. "anything, sarah" he said rolling his eyes. i thought to myself while doodling in my notebook, not noticing the girl next to me whispering my name. The next thing i know a pen was thrown at my shoulder, which startled me.

'Ouch!' i exclaimed. "im sorry, i thought you were asleep" said a bubbly girl with bushy brown hair and hazal eyes. "oh aha thats okay." i repled rubbing my shoulder. "my name is Jessica" she said.

"Im-" "mia, i know" jessica interuted, we both laughed and talked for the whole lesson. *bell*

​There was quite a rush to get out of the classroom, jessica and i were the last ones out.

​"haha so do you want to sit next to me at lunch" she said with puppy eyes. I nodded and she hugged me, with great strength "mmph" i gasped. she then waved and left.

​the next class i had was science (my personal favorite) once i had had found my classroom i had arrived the same time as most of the students, but one of them stood out. He had wavy light brown hair and peircing blue eyes, once he looked at me and i felt flushed and put my head down and walked in the class. "okay class, we have a new student, her name is mia. Please make her feel comfortable" 99% of the class all turned to look at me. After the very interesting class i accidently tripped over someones bag. "Hello, my name is brandon." said the very dreamy lad, giving me his hand."oh yes hi well im mia" he laughed and handed my notebook. "i guess ill see you later?" i nodded and he walked out. i smiled to myself and walked out shortly after.

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