the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


9. suprise

​I went home and layed on my bed replaying the moment sabastion and i had shared, i was so happy.... Until.. "Mia!" yelled my dad. "yes?" i replied getting up. "someone is here to see you" he said looking sad, almost like he had been cryng i stood up and walked down the stairs "M-Mum?" i said breaking. "Hi honey" she replied going to hug me. I pushed her off and screamed "Are you kidding?!? You think you can just walked in here after 6 years and say hey honey!?" she was obviosly startled and took a step back "I know, and im so sorry" she said, i shook my head and ran to my room crying.


​I picked up the phone and called brandon "Brandon? Um so i-i was wondering if i could go to your house tonight, i really need someone right now" I said sobbing. "Of course, yeah" he said worried. He gave me his address and i climbed out my window. About half an hour later i find his house (with google maps) and i knocked "hey mia, come in" greeted brandon. He showed me to his room and asked me what was wrong, i stood there and just fell. I had been so overwhelmed, plus running for 30 minutes, so I fainted. "Mia? MIA?!" yelled a muffled brandon.


​The next thing i know i woke up in a hospital bed, confused. "Hello mia, my name is Lily and i am your nurse for today." said a small round women with a sweet face. I nodded and asked "what happened?" "well sweetheart you fainted and your very cute friend drove you to the hospital." she said holding my hand "did anything happen that might have triggered this?" said asked. "Other then the fact that my mum that i havent seen since i was ten came back..nothing really" she smiled sympathetically and walked out to (I assume) to get the doctor.


​But instead walked in a worried looking mother. "Mia..." she said sitting down. "dont" I said looking to the other side of the room. "Mia please just listen, i left because i just wasnt ready." she said. "I dont know if your kidding or not, but what the fuck!?! Did that take ten years to find out? Plus did you think i was ready to loose the most important person in my life.... You left before you could teach me anything!" I said yelling at her and trying to hold back my tears, I took a deep breath and said "But hey i was proven wrong, I guess i dont need you... so let me make this clear, i want you gone. I dont want to see you ever again." I said in anger. She looked down and walked out crying. I sighed to myself and broke, i wanted to die then and there. I layed my head down and cried, i must have cried for hours until my dad came in and lied next to me.




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