the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


4. normal?

​"mum!?" i ran to her but before i could she disapeared. "NOOOOOOOOO!" i sceamed.

​"Mia! Wake up!!" yelled my dad. i woke up covered in my own perspration, i put my head in my lap and cried for a little bit while my dad was standing there wondering what to do.This i guess was a normal thing. "im okay dad, ill get ready for school now..' he nodded and walked out. i brushed my hair/teeth, got dressed, put make up on then i was out the door. "hey mia, have a good sleep?" said jessica hugging me.


I shrugged and told her i had a nightmare, she frowned and appologised. "so what do you have first?" i asked "english, you?" "same!" i replied. we both walked to our class and sat next to eachother, the first thing i noticed was brandon sitting perfect with his perfect hair and his perfect eyes.

"helloo? Miaa?" exclaimed jessica waving her hand in my face. "sorry i was a bit distracted" i replied scratching my head. "well i was saying how this year was prom year!" I laughed and told her i was absolute terrible dancer. "oh that doesnt matter, proms are about sex and getting drunk thats all".


​I looked down awkwadly when i heard the word 'sex' "wait are you a virgin?" she exclaimed giggling. "what is it bad that i wanna save myself for the perfect guy?" i replied. "i guess not" she said laughing to herself. i flicked her and we both laughed, school went fast and before we knew it it was lunch. "so who would you take?" jessica asked. I blushed and steathfully looked to brandon, but that was unrealistic. "i dont know yet, i havent really met any guys yet." "i dare you to say hi to the next guy that walks past", i laughed and said "game on"


we waited 2 minutes then a tall-ish looking guy walked past, i stood up and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and i thought to myself.. holy crap. He was extrememly cute with blonde fluffy hair and dark brooding eyes. "hi, im mia" i said. "well hello im sabastion, i havent seen your around here. Are you new?" he asked. HE HAD AN ACCENT OMGG!


"yes i am, well i just thought i would hello seeing how your very very adorable" i said, without thinking. "haha thank you" shit i cant believe i said that! "did i say that outloud?" in the corner of my eye i saw jessica nodding and trying to hold back her tears of laughter. "you see, i dont really think when i talk it all sort of blurts out and oh especially i-im nervous... see" i said face palming myself "dont worry i think its cute" he smiled and gave me a piece of paper and walked off.


​I slowly went back to my seat and jessica snatched the paper out of my hands "you got his number!! well done mia!" i was astounded, for this stuff never happens to me.


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