the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


12. new feelings

​"So what is the plan?" I asked Sabastian, he looked at me and smiled "we are going to Paris for 1 day and the flying to Scotland to visit my sister" "Ah so that's where your from!" I looked down and realised I new nearly nothing about him "Why did you move to Australia then?" I asked wanting to know more "Well when my parents died my aunt decided that I needed a new location" He said sadly, I looked at him shocked and kissed his hand "I'm so sorry..." I said feeling guilty I said anything "hey its okay" he said and kissed my forehead. ​"​Do you and your sister get along?"  I asked trying to change the subject. "yeah we were very close but after the accident she got distant, she's 21 so she lives on her own." he replied. I was really excited to meet her, Sabastian and I talked for another 10 hours just talking about each other! For the other 11 hours we slept and ate.  


*Bonjour passengers it is a sunny 30 degrees in Paris, we appreciate you flying with us and we hope to see you soon* I shook Sabastian and he woke up abruptly and yelled "what happened?!" I giggled like a school girl and replied excitedly "shhh, were here Sabastian!". I quickly looked out the window and couldn't stop smiling, I gathered up all our stuff and made sure that we were one of the first people to leave. As we walked through the airport with our bags I looked around at all the families coming together or loved one kissing passionately for they haven't seen each other in days, months or years. I started to feel sad, will my dad be there to greet me or will I wait alone with the pity looks of Sabastian.


I looked over at him and saw he was thinking the same thing, how could I be so conceded! When he walks through those security gates he already knows no one will be there at least for me there is a possibility. I quickly held his hand and smiled at him my most genuine smile and he kissed my hand​"you ready?" he asked "ready" I replied as we stepped outside of the airport. I took in the fresh new feel of hope and curiosity for I had no clue what was coming next  




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