the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


3. my place

Once i had finally reached the caferteria i looked around for my new friend, she signalled for me to sit next to her. 'So how are you liking it?" she asked. "well ive only been here for 2 hours so i dont really have a preference yet ahah" i relied, we laughed then she turned to faced me "Find anyone interesting?" she asked smirking "there is this one guy in my science class.. i think his name is brandon, hes cute" i said. "brandon, well done, not only is he cute but incredibally sweet. But he is sort of off limits to anyone but the 'it' girl, sarah" she gagged to herself. I shook it off because i hadnt really met him.     


 After lunch had finished the day went pretty fast and i headed home. "hey kiddo" exclaimed my dad. "hey dad" i replied and ran to my room. My dad and i didnt have the best relationship, since my mum left we grew apart with our interests. Dont get me wrong i love him and all but he is very opinionated, and his opinions are totally inapropriate and against anything i believe in. My favorite thing to do is to take a ladder that was outside my door and climb to the roof, that was my new place. the place where i can cry and no one would hear, obviously its not the healtiest thing to do but its better then talking to someone. so i thought. 


Once i had reached the roof i sat down and looked down at all the lights of the city, thinking about why my mum left and am i not good enough. i just cried and cried untill an unlikely person to see called out my name. "Mia omg are you okay! are you gonna jump?!" shouted a small girl outside of my house. i cleared my eyes to see who was looking up at me "Oh jessica no dont worry. Im just admiring the view." She put both thumbs up and asked "can i come up?" "yeah um okay" i replied astonished seeing as how no one has ever been up here but me. she found the ladder and climbed up next to me. "So why were you crying?" she asked curiously. "oh i wasnt crying i had just poked my eye."


i said scratching it. "right yeah okay" she replied sarcasticly. We didnt talk for the next five minutes, a very awkward five minutes. "so how did you find my house?" i asked. "haha well i asked the principal for your address and he gave me it. I thought i would come over and see how your doing." she said "oh cool, but is that not iillegal?" we both laughed and she gave me her phone number and we parted ways. "see you tomorrow!" she shouted. as i watched her body get smaller and smaller i sighed and went inside.


As the time went by my dad called me for dinner "coming!" i yelled and ran to the kitchen. We both sat down at the dinner table and he told me about his day and his new job. "so how was your first day at school?" he asked. "well its school so it was okay" i said. I was just about to have a mouthful of my meal but then i stopped and looked down at my stomach, i put the fork down and sighed. "im done" i said putting the food down the bin and hugged him goodnight. He was to busy watching the tv and didnt notice "night" he mumbled.                                                                       












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