the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


13. hotel du louvre




"We quickly hailed a cab and jumped in "Bonjour, où voulez-vous aller ?" asked the cab driver

*hello, where would you like to go* I looked over at Sabastian clearly confused and he laughed "Hôtel du louvre s’il vous plait" replied Sabastian

 *hotel du louvre please?* The driver nodded and we were off, I kissed Sabastian passionately because god damn French is sexy!


About  half an hour later we arrived and it was beautiful!

​A chauffeur opened my door and took my hand "Bonjour ma dame" I nodded hello and smiled, Sabastian took my waist and we walked in happily. "Hold on a sec I will go check us in" Sabastian said walking away to the counter. About a minute later a tall brown haired boy with hazel brown eyes walked up to me with a really sexy confidence "Bonsoir belle" I laughed and said "sorry I don't speak French" he smirked and replied "well that's no problem, beautiful"


​Before I could reply, Sabastian came up behind him and put him muscular hand on his shoulder "Daniel you have a habit for wanting everything that's mine" he turned around and they hugged each other. "Ah Sabastian you have a habit for picking people who are above your league" Daniel replied. I chuckled and said "Can someone fill me in?"

​"sorry babe" Sabastian said obviously on purpose "This is Daniel, my cousin"


​*author message* hey guys I just wanted to put some pictures of what everyone sort of looks like.       






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