the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


14. different pov


"cousin huh?" I said stunned looking at Daniels beautiful eyes but I quickly coughed and took Sabastian's hand.


​she was beautiful she had these amazing big blue eyes that enchanted me, the way she looked at me made me weak at the knees which was weird for me usually I just use girls without even thinking about them but this girl was different. She looked down and found this situation amusing and chuckled quietly as she did I saw two deep dimples, at this point if she told me to sit I would've of done so immediately.


​"so where were you born, in Scotland as well?" she asked in her beautiful, musical voice.

"Uh actually no I was born and raised here" I gestured to the hotel. "His father, my uncle, owns this hotel" Sabastian said looking at me cautiously.

I smirked and said "Id be glad to give you a tour" Sabastian's hand went on her waist which made me clench my fists. "I think we will be okay" he said as they walked off.

​"It was nice meeting you!" she yelled from across the hotel. 



I saw the way he looked at her, I mean who could blame him she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. But I needed him to know that she was mine, I was almost worried Daniel was a charmer but he is known to be a player and I couldn't see her hurt.. it would crush me.


​"So baby, how are you feeling?" I said taking her hand. She looked up at me and smiled, argh that smile could cure anything! "I'm feeling amazing, thank you for everything" she said biting her lip, FUCK!

"U-uh y-yeah no problem" I said stuttering like an idiot. She giggled and sighed "this doesn't seem real" I looked down and wondered what she meant.


​I quickly opened the hotel door and she gasped and ran around looking at everything, she was so adorable. "Sabastian I-It's amazing!" she squealed as she jumped on our big fluffy bed. She came over to me and hugged me tightly, I took in her embrace, she smelt like coconut, not artificial, that was just her​ scent.


Suddenly I remembered what happened that she was so faint about. "Will you tell me?" I asked she stopped and looked sad she slightly nodded. "yes I guess you should know" we sat down and I took her hand knowing this must be hard. "My uh mum left me and my dad 10 years ago and she decided to come back last week out of the blue" I saw her jaw clench and tears in her eyes. I looked down and said "I'm so sorry Mia" I hugged her and she sobbed quietly, something made me think she's never really talked about it.


​We got interrupted from a call, my screen lit my sisters name and I answered it "Hey sab, do you know the news yet?" she said sounding excited "No?" I replied suspiciously "Daniel is coming is with you guys to Scotland!" I almost dropped my phone "what?!"

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