the Mia Diaries

a story about a special teenage girl


7. brandon

​The next day was a day to remember but i'll start at the begining : I woke up by an exremely loud phone call "hello" i said trying to keep my eyes open "omg mia i have the worst hangover urghh!" she said groaning, i laughed and said "well thats what you get for drinking lliterally all the boos" we talked for another five minutes and said goodbye. Once i reached school i looked  around for sabastion to thank him for the good night, but i couldnt find him so i just gave up and headed over to the library (i had a free period).


And then i saw him, but he wasnt alone. He was sitting on a chair with sarah on his lap, it looked like they were gonna kiss seeing how they were staring into there fucking souls!! I couldnt help it, the tears slowly came and i accidently sniffed louder then i meant to. "Mia? Its not what it looks like!" he said "no, sabastion, its exactly what it looks like" I said running away.I ran to the bathroom and slowly slid down the wall with my head in my lap, I wasnt just crying because my first kiss already moved on but I thought why would he do that?


Was i not good enough, the voice inside my head was going nuts with explanations all of them happened to be my fault. i'm not good enough for anyone... not my mum or sabastion. These voices started to get more brutal.. Why am i here, i have nothing.. but i have my dad and jessica but that always seems to get hidden in the darkness of my mind. "hello? Are you okay in there?" asked a familiar face. "uh y-yes im okay" i said.. lying. "Mia?" said the voice. I got up and walked to see who was talking. "brandon?" I said wiping my eyes. He ran to me and hugged me "whats up?" he asked.

His voice was was so soothing "Is it okay if i dont say" I said not wanting to fill him in on all my pity problems. "No thats fine, mia" he said rubbing my back. Luckily the next class was with brandon, he made sure no one sat next to me but him. The whole lesson brandon and i talked about siblings, hobbies and future dreams. It was pretty great.


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