Make it mean


1. He over me

When the moon is wide and bright

Do you know I think of you tonight?

When my name has been off your tongue for forever

Do you remember when we thought that it would never

Leave our hearts on a waiting platform today

But now you're gone, and I have to stay

My name and face have left your mind

And I have to pretend to be fine

The promises and ties have been cut out of your head like me

I can envision you now, you moving on while I am still not free

He was clearly more important that a best friend to you right?
Tell me how many times you have made up after the fight

Because he was your love, and I just a best friend

He your love, and now has come my end

But I advise you not to forget what I say before I die

He might see you cry, but a best friend knows why 

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