Changing Destiny

Harry found out about the deceptions in his life and after a huge change in his life he decided to take control no longer would he look to others for help after all he does have a Dark Lord looking to kill him


9. Chapter 9

"Bill?" Harry asked incredulously seeing the red head and his fiancee standing there 

"Hi Harry" Bill said cheerfully pulling Harry into a bone crushing hug

"So i'm confused" Harry said and Bill chuckled 

"Well apparently if you are the mate of a creature you are able to stay at the school if they are attending just not allowed to attend oursleves but Fleur requested a visit with you and since she is visiting I could come to" Bill said grinning 

"Awesome well I just made dinner a few friends and my father figure are here your welcome to join there is plenty left over" Harry said 

"Well I would never pass up the opportunity for your cooking it's the best" Bill said and Harry lead them to the kitchen the others looked up curiously and Harry smiled 

"Guys this is Bill Weasley a man I consider a brother and his fiancee Fleur Delacour, Bill, Fleur this is my honouree father Nior Grey and his mate Kristoff Mikealson, and four of my new friends Danna Farley, Ember Farley, Daniel Farley and Gabriel Farley" Harry introduced as he made up plates for Bill and Fleur setting them on the table before re-taking his seat 

"Weasley isn't that the surname of the one who sent you that god aweful Howler" Danna asked 

"Yeah that was his mother" Harry said and the four sent Bill compassionate looks

"I am sorry you had to deal with that growing up" Ember said 

"You're telling me, that's actually why we are here, mum was spitting mad she practically cornered me Charlie and the Twins for information since she knows you would be more likely to contact us than Ginny, Ron or Percy. She was trying to get your location so she could come drag you back" Bill explained 

"Oui she even tried wiz me and Gabrielle, however we will not give you away" Fleur said just as they finished up Harry smiled at the Veela 

"Thanks Fluer" Harry said as he began to collect the dishes only for Bill to push him down onto the seat again 

"You cooked we will clean" Bill said 

"Yes it is only fair" Nior said as he began to help Bill clean up and to Harry's surprise without magic 

"So when are you planning the wedding?" Harry asked Fleur as they and Danna remained seated at the mens request 

"We were hoping in summer but we don't want Voldemort to ruin it as we know he most likely will due to our closeness to you" Fleur said Harry smiled 

"Then it a good thing I will be killing the bastard as soon as this school year finishes just in time for summer" Harry said 

"Really?" Fleur asked hopefully

"Of course I do not want old snake face destroying everything plus the land should be happy on the time of such a joyous ocassion not ripe with war" Harry said and Fluer hugged him tightly 

"Oh this is wonderful but do be careful I do not want you hurt brozer" Fluer said

"No one wants little Harry hurt much to cute for death" Bill teased ruffling Harry's hair getting a sqwack from Harry as he pushed Bill's hand a way 

"Not cute" Harry protested 

"Oh but you are little emerald" Kristoff said slinging an arm over Harry's shoulders Harry sniffed looking away getting snickers from everyone 

"Well Harry it's about time that we get going thanks for the amazing meal" Bill said Harry smiled 

"Not a problem you know how I am when I start cooking there was plenty to go around, and thanks for visiting it was a nice surprise" Harry said hugging Bill and Fleur at the door before they left, the Farley's also left when Bill and Fleur did leaving Harry alone with Krisoff and Nior

"So how was your last class?" Nior asked

"It was good I really enjoyed it, it was quite easy but I do understand things better now" Harry said as he sat down beside Nior and to his surprise Kristoff sat on Harry's other side sadwiching Harry between the two 

"That is good anyway we wanted to ask you something" Kristoff said 

"What is it?" Harry asked curious 

"Well this weekend is the annual spa trip we were wondering if you would like to come along, usually the professor's bring along their best students but I am picking you as the son of my heart" Nior said 

"Um i'm not sure, I mean wouldn't the others mind?" Harry asked 

"No they wouldn't mind at all the Professor's can choose who ever they want plus it is about time you get some relaxation time even I can tell your overly stressed and haven't been getting much rest" Nior said and the vampire was right Harry hadn't slept well since he was a small boy always either in pain or suffering from nightmare's 

"Alright but only if you are sure no one else will mind" Harry said 

"Trust me they won't. On that case I was thinking of blood adopting you as my son, Kristoff is willing to also if you would consent to that" Nior said nervously he was surprised when Harry flung his arms around him 

"I would like that a lot Nior, you've always been a father to me and this is just a way to make it offical" Harry said tears gathering in his eyes Kristoff joined the hug from behind Harry and Harry had never felt so loved in his life, Harry eventally drifted to sleep between the two men who gazed at him fondly as they talked quitely to eachother.

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