Changing Destiny

Harry found out about the deceptions in his life and after a huge change in his life he decided to take control no longer would he look to others for help after all he does have a Dark Lord looking to kill him


8. Chapter 8

When Harry got out of his last class of the day he felt great the class was easy and not challenging enough for him but interesting enough that he wouldn't drop it. He returned to his room and noticed an unfamiliar owl with a very familiar red envolope clasped in its beak and he felt dread begin to whell up inside him. Who would be sending him a howler well only one way to find out the answer to that Harry took the letter from the owl and it shuddered out of his hand and opened itself 

"HARRY JAMES POTTER. JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE NOT SHOWING UP AT HOGWARTS FOR YOUR EDUCATION. YOU MAY THINK YOUR FUNNY BUT YOU ARE IN DANGER DO YOU WANT TO GET YOURSELF KILLED. YOUNG MAN YOU HAD BETTER GET YOURSELF TO HOGWARTS IMMEDIETLY OR I WILL FIND YOU AND WHEN I DO YOU WILL REGRET YOUR DECISION" The howler screamed in Molly Weasley's voice Harry winced as the sound hurt his sensitive ears Harry managed to roll his eyes knowing the woman was only concerned about Dumbledore's weapon for the war so he decided not to answer the letter

"What on God's green earth was that aweful screeching?" Gabriel asked as he and his other three siblings entered the room Harry grimaced 

"That was Molly Weasley who seems to think she is my mother and reserves the right to tell me what to do when she does not even care about me one bit" Harry said 

"So Harry Potter?" Ember asked with a raised eyebrow Harry grinned sheepishly 

"Yep, I would have told you later after you got to know me better by my new name cause people like to use me for my name including my so called best friends" Harry said 

"Well we know now and we won't use you like others would we're totally using you for your cooking and baking" Danna said making Harry snort 

"So do you think she will find you?" Daniel asked worriedly showing his concern for his new friend 

"Not a chance of it plus if she somehow realised where I was its not like she can get in here and the only reason she would really know is if she tracks the owl or asks her eldest sons or her twins and I doubt they would actually tell her" Harry said with a smirk 

"You seem sure about that" Ember said 

"Well they prefer me over their parents" Harry said grinning the four laughed incredulously, Harry headed into his kitchen 

"I take it your here to take advantage of my cooking?" Harry asked

"Yep" they all chorused just as the door opened again to reveal Nior and Kristoff who looked hesitant 

"Professors" Daniel said respectfully 

"I didn't realise you had company my little emerald shall we come back at another time?" Nior asked 

"No come on in. I'm preparing dinner your welcome to join use I tend to go a bit overboard" Harry admitted 

"We wouldn't want to intrude" Kristoff said 

"You wouln't be I would love to get to know you better and well it's been ages since I have been with Nior so really I don't mind if your here" Harry said pulling the two into the kitchen where the Farley's were sitting 

"Oh little emerald" Kristoff said hugging Harry making the teen blush scarlett much to Nior's amusment 

"So what is it you are making?" Nior asked 

"Dunno, I just let my heart guide me alway's works" Harry said as he began to get out the ingredients for dinner Nior laughed at the answer before shrieking slightly when Pluto dropped down from one of the vines on the roof to his shoulder Kristoff cackled at his mate while the Farley's snickered 

~Come on Pluto you know not to startle people like that~ Harry admonished the snake who looked down guiltily 

~I am sorry~ Pluto said making Harry coo and lift him from Nior's shoulders the giant snake took that as he was fogiven and cuddled into Harry's warmth 

"It wasn't that funny. Stop laughing Kristoff" Nior whined 

"It wasn't funny. It was hillarious" Harry saud making the vampire pout at him 

"Traitor" Nior said before stomping to a free seat and sat down glaring at the table Harry just snickered as he continued to prepare the meal 

"So Harry, whats your timetable like?" Gabriel asked 

"Pretty free actually" Harry said as he summoned it for the other teen 

"Well you weren't wrong geez I have the same amount of classes as you and don't have this much free time" Daniel said with a whistle 

"It's probably because he is in the Advanced Classes for them all" Danna snorted 

"That's probably it" Ember said. Just over an hour later the dinner was ready and they were all settled down to eat when the door opened once again Harry sighed 

"I really need to ward my door bring people back once and they take it as an open invitation" Harry muttered to himself as he stood and made his way to the livingroom just gesturing for the group to remain seated but who was waiting there shocked him.

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