Changing Destiny

Harry found out about the deceptions in his life and after a huge change in his life he decided to take control no longer would he look to others for help after all he does have a Dark Lord looking to kill him


7. Chapter 7

Harry dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, black dragon hide boots and a crimson red shirt his hair was in a ponytail at the base of his neck, Harry lifted his book bag as Hades and Pluto wrapped around him contently hissing. Today was Harry's first day of classes the weekend had passed quickly and Harry fairly knew his way around the school and could do it with his eyes closed if he had wished. Harry had recieved his schedual the evening before and it was nothing like the Hogwarts scheduals due to the fact that there were days Harry did't have any classes at all not that he was complaining of course if he showed up to class it was his decision and the same went with the completion of homework. Harry took out his schedual to look over it again 


Alchemy (Advanced Class) - 9:30am to 11:30am 

Self Defence (Advanced Class) - 2pm to 3pm  


No Class


Healing (Advanced Class) - 9:40am - 10:40am

Blood Magic (Advanced Class) - 1pm to 3pm

Thursday - Sunday

No Class

Harry was pretty happy with his schedual since he would get time to visit his friends back in Britain as well as study other things on his own. The schedual was pretty lax and it also ensured Harry would go to all his classes since there were only four. As it was 9 now Harry began his trek to the Alchemy classroom Alchemy was basically just more advanced potions which would be easy enough since cooking skills had transfered to potions once his transformation had healed the severed tendons in his hands and wrists which had effected his work in potions at Hogwarts. Harry much to his relief was not the first person to the room no, three people had arrived before him one was a sea nymph, one a water fairy and the other a selkie all of them were males Harry took a desk at the back of the room which actually gave him a good view of the whole room which he was delighted with as he would know if someone approached or tried to sabotage his work. By the time the whole class of 15 had arrived Harry noticed that he was the only first year in the class since it was usually a class for the graduates, in fact Harry would only need to stay in the school for a year since he was in all the Advanced Classes for the ones he had chosen unless he stayed on to do other courses which he would probably do after destroying Voldemort and taking control of the UK magical world as was his right which he would do in the summer. 

"Good morning class, I am your teacher Noir Grey but you may all call me Noir, I will be teaching you all Alchemy depending on how fast you move we could be finsihed by Yule, Easter at most" Noir said while Harry was trying hard not to gape for standing in front of him was the first friend he had ever had the one that healed him and treated him like a son. For their class they had to make the most advanced potion that they knew and Harry began to create a small sample of the elixer of life the recipe he had gotten from Nicoals Flamel when he had returned the Philosophers Stone, he had given Dumbledore a fake. 

Harry had astounded Noir and the rest of the class when he had told them what potion he had created a few looked like they wanted to ask for the bit he had made until he explained that he had diluted it so it would only add a year or two more of life to whoever drunk it. Noir had been more confused as to why he was in the class if he could do something only one other had ever done but shrugged it off when even Harry didn't know, Harry waited until his classmates left before approaching Noir 

"You know it wouldn't hurt to have sent a letter or two" Harry said casually leaning against the desk in front of Noir's desk the vampire looked up confused

"Sorry?" Noir asked his confussion 

"I'm hurt Noir I didn't think I had changed that much well I suppose I was just the small boy from the cupboard under the stairs the last time I saw you" Harry shrugged and suddenly found himself in the mans arms 

"Oh Harry how I have missed you" Noir whispered his voice cracked as he spoke Harry embraced the man back tightly burying his face in the crook of the vampire's neck since he was much shorter than the vampire 

"Not as much as I missed you Noir" Harry whispered they stood like that for at least 10 minutes until Noir pulled away 

"How long have you got until your next class?" Nior asked curioulsy Harry checked the time quickly 

"Well it starts at two so a few hours" Harry said and Nior grinned 

"Well then we have some catching up to do, come on I can finally introduce you to my mate" Nior said with an excited grin on his face Harry laughed and allowed himself to be pulled along by the eager vampire and to the man's private rooms. In the room there was another man a werewolf much to Harry's surprise he smiled at the man none the less which Nior seemed glad of 

"Harry this is my mate Kristoff Mikealson, Kristoff this is the boy Harry I told you about" Nior said excitedly the werewolf that was roughly 6ft 7 and made of muscle  gave Harry a kind smile 

"It's nice to finally meet you I though Nior would never introduce us i have heard only good things about you" Kristoff said in a deep rumbling voice 

"It's nice to meet you too sir" Harry said with a soft smile 

"None of that sir business Kristoff is fine" Kristoff said and Harry nodded 

"Sit down Harry and tell me what you have been up to since we last saw each other" Nior said so Harry sat and began to tell the vampire and werewolf what had been going on in his life since Nior last visited on his tenth birthday 

"Oh little one I am sorry I left but I had found Kristoff then was offered this job I couldn't find the time" Nior said sounding miserable 

"Nior I understand and I am not angry I am happy you found your mate and something to do with your time I knew you were bored and loosing interest in life no matter how hard you tried to hide it and I am happy you have found something that brings a spark of happiness back to you, I would have searched for you as soon as I finshed Hogwarts if this hadn't happened to me" Harry said 

"You always were so understanding my little emerald" Nior said and Harry blushed embarrased he checked the time and jumped up from his spot 

"I need to go or i'll be late to my next class" Harry said in a rush hugging Nior and surprising Kristoff by hugging him as well 

"Remember little emerald no more hidding your intelligence I don't care if it will upset someone you have the right to be youself no matter what others think" Nior said and Harry smiled

"Okay Nior I promise and I will see you soon. It was nice to meet you Kristoff I am glad there is someone here to keep him happy" Harry said before leaving the room not letting any of the two say anything 

"What a delightful young man when were you planning on introducing us?" Kristoff asked his mate

"I was going to do it this summer since we both have free time this summer and aren't as busy I guess it was convenient that he went through a creature inheritance and chose to come here" Nior said 

"Alright however I worry about the British Wizards and what they will plan since the little emerald is no longer on British soil" Krisoff 

"As do I my mate but my darling emerald can take care of himself I pity the fool that trys to push him into anything" Nior said before he got a mischevious smile that instantly had Kristoff feeling wary

"What crazy idea have you come up with now?" Kristoff asked

"I wonder how many mates my emerald is thinking of taking" Nior said 

"Why?" Kristoff asked thinking that he might regret asking that question 

"Well I happen to know a few people that might make perfect mates for him and make it so that he is finally protected instead of being forced to be the protector, of course they are older and acually Professors here" Nior siad mischeviously 

"What are you thinking my devious mate?" Kristoff wondered he liked the idea of the little emerald being the protectee rather than protector 

"Well the annual spa trip is comming up I could invite him as my chosen childe since I have been meaning to adopt him for years now and as you know all the Professors are there and some would usually invite their top students so Harry wont feel awkward means that my emerald can finally get the relaxation time he needs and the chance to scope out some mates" Nior said smirking proudly 

"That actually sounds like it might work but wouldn't Harry get suspicious?" Kristoff asked 

"No we trust eachother too much to be suspicious of our intentions between eachother and he knows most of what I do for him is for his own protection and happiness sure if he finds out he will have a grump for a while but after thinking about it he will thank us" Nior explained Kristoff smiled at his almost hyper mate that he was used to seeing acting solomn 

"You really care for him" Kristoff stated 

"I really do he was the first person I truly cared for before you, he is like the son I will never have I only ever want whats best for him" Nior said 

"If you ever do adopt him just know I would be happy to call the little emerald my son also" Kristoff said and his mate looked up at him with the most hopefull expression he had ever seen on the vampires face

"Truly?" Nior asked 

"Truly" Kristoff nodded and Nior flung himself into his mates arms gratefully scattering kisses over the werewolf's face as the werewolf laughed delighted in making his mate so happy. 

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