Changing Destiny

Harry found out about the deceptions in his life and after a huge change in his life he decided to take control no longer would he look to others for help after all he does have a Dark Lord looking to kill him


6. Chapter 6

Since it was only early afternoon Harry decided that he would go to the nearby city to stock up on food so that he could have it for when it was needed he knew there was a canteen like place where everyone could be together and eat Harry would proably eat there once or twice a week since he prefered his own cooking. Harry easily made his way outside the wards and activated the Portkey that had brought him here since it was reusable. Harry began to wander around the city taking in the sights, it was therefore a bit of a shock when he spotted Bill Weasley and Fluer Dealcour sitting in a small cafe an engagment ring glittering on Fleurs finger Harry made his way over to the pair

"Bill, Fluer" Harry said as he approached they looked up and gasped at his appearence 

"Harry?" Bill asked hesitantly 

"Yep" Harry said grinning Bill choked slightly 

"What are you doing here?" Bill asked Harry chuckled

"Well I am attending Asluckwine's Insitute of Magics" Harry said 

"What's it like I was going to go but maman and papan would not let me due to the death rate" Fleur said 

"Well I have only been there for a few hours since entry for the new year was today but it seems interesting a lot of creatures attend the institute" Harry explained 

"So you are not returning to Hogwarts?" Bill asked 

"Do you really think I would be accepted if I returned there plus there have been to many manipulations to my person while I have been there" Harry said 

"What do you mean and might I ask what creature you are?" Bill asked 

"Im a Angelic Demonic Dragon, and Dumbledore has been using me as a weapon paying Hermione, Ron and Ginny to be my friends, the man was stealing from the Potter vaults I had not known about since I only thought that my trust vault was all I had. Ginny was going to start dosing me with love potions so they could control me better, I may own the school but will not be returning for my education, I am getting the skills I will need to end the war while here then I will return finsih off Voldemort then take my place in the school and change it for the better. I know for a fact I can take over the Ministry since I am a DeVere therefore I can abolish all the nonsence laws preventing the learning of magics Britian being the only country with laws on magic" Harry explained 

"Well you've got it all planned out don't you and I will inform Charlie and the twins about what has happened I know Charlie will want to study your changes" Bill said Harry laughed 

"Could you ask them to keep me informed about the movements of Voldemort as well, I wont be able to write for a while or I would ask them myself"  Harry requested 

"Of course I will send word to Neville and Luna also I know they would be true friends to you" Bill said 

"Thanks so much Bill I apprechiate it" Harry said 

"No problem your like a brother to me Charlie and the Twins" Bill said 

"And to me I know Gabrielle zinks of you az a big brother" Fleur said Harry smiled 

"Thank you, I think I will head now I have shopping to do. Also congradulations" Harry said looking to the ring the pair beamed before saying goodbye. By the time Harry returned to Asluckwine he had about thirty bags of food in his hands he wasn't shrinking the food as it would make the food taste weird 

"Need any help with that?" a male voice asked from his left he turned to see a vampire that was 6ft 4 at least, lean brown hair, red eyes he was handsome Harry smiled 

"No thanks I can manage" Harry said 

"So who are you I have never seen you around here before?" the vampire asked 

"You wouldn't have im only new. My name is Hadrian but I prefer Harry, who are you?" Harry asked eyeing the vampire curiously 

"Dante Darkholm at your service" The vampire said with a sweeping bow Harry snorted 

"Well as much as I would love to chat I need to put this food away before the meat goes of" Harry said saluting before teleporting away clearly shocking the vampire. Said vampire stared at the spot Harry had just been with a smirk, he had smelt the delicious scent and finally found the delicous body it belonged to this would be interesting indeed the vampire thought before speeding away to his room.

Harry decided that since it was his first night at his new school that he would eat in the school cafeteria so he could try to make some friends in the place so Harry began his trek to the cafeteria looking around the hallways curiously taking in the numerous portraits of what had to be staff and alumni of the school. The cafeteria was huge and filled with students of all races it was cool Harry went to the all you can eat bar and began to pile food onto his plate smiling politely at some who looked or smiled at him. Harry turned and almost crashed into someone he looked up and noticed the vampire from eariler what was his name oh yeah Dante if Harry recalled correctly 

"Hello again Dante" Harry said 

"Hello Harry would you like to sit with myself and a few of my friends?" Dante asked 

"I wouldn't want to intrude I am sure I can find my own space" Harry said Dante only took his arm with a smirk and began to lead him away 

"Nonsence your new and most if not all the good spots will be taken by now, don't worry my friends won't mind in the slightest" Dante said charmingly Harry eyed the vampire warily he had an odd feeling about him a general creepy vibe in honesty

"Alright then but only for today" Harry said surely Dante only nodded his head before they approached a large table that held 3 other vampires, 2 werewolves surprisingly,  Draconian, 1 fey, 3 Fairies and 4 Imps all fire Imps it was a surprising number of creatures at the table. They all looked up when they neared the table the Draconian's eyes widened before letting out a whine and showing his neck Harry let out a pleased purr at the sight glad that he would be accepted by the race as their leader the Draconian preened a little under the pleased noise that no-one missed but it went ignored for the meantime while Dante began to introduce everyone 

"Right guys this is Harry. Harry these are my friends the vampire with red hair is Melchior Mendera, the vampire with grey hair is Jasper Hemlock, the final vampire is my twin Dylan, the bigger werewolf is Killan Kemp the other his cousin Darren Shaw, the Forest Draconian is Warren Blackwater, the Fey Laura Goodwill, the water fairy is Sapphire Blue, the Ice fairy is Fabion Redburn and the Autum fairy is Gemma Swan, finally the fire Imps are quadruplets the eldest is Danna Farley, second eldest Ember Farley then there is Gabriel Farley and the youngest of the four is Daniel Farley" Dante said Harry balanced the tray on one hand and waved at the others 

"Hey nice to meet you all" Harry said 

"Nice to meet you to dude" Fabion said grinning widely 

"Sit Harry" Dante said gesturing to the free seat between Gabriel and Killan Harry sat down more than glad it was easy despite his appendages 

"So what made you decide to come here? You must know of the death rate, its the reason most from Europe don't come here" Laura asked curiously after a few minutes of silence 

"Well I happened to wake up like this the morning after my sixteenth birthday and knew I would not be able to remain there since Hogwarts is not overly accepting of those who are different, I asked my account manager about schools that would accept creatures or just a school for creatures and he mentioned the Institute I read the information pack and decided this would be the best place to learn what I would need in the near future" Harry explained 

"Wow and what about before your change what were your opinions on creatures?" Melchior asked a hint of danger in his tone but Harry wasn't worried 

"To be honest creatures were my equals, my godfather is a werewolf, one of my best friends is a house elf, I have made friends with centaurs, hell I had a friend who was a vampire when I was a little boy he was my first friend so really I never had any problems with creatures I sympathised with them" Harry explained with a shrug 

"What do you mean sypathised?" Warren asked almost hesitantly Harry smiled sadly not really looking at any of them 

"I know what it is like to be looked down upon because of being different I experienced it until I was eleven until I understood then I experienced it even more during school because even then I was different from my peers, so I know what it is like to be sneered at because of a difference because I didn't fit a specific mould" Harry shrugged not giving away just how bad it was when he was younger only one person knew that fully and he hadn't seen the vampire since he was ten 

"Oh" Warren said Harry smiled at the Draconian before they all began to eat five minutes later there was a bit of a commotion and Harry turned to see two Siren standing and seemingly glaring at eachother while shouting in an unknown to Harry language which he still managed to understand thanks to his omnilinguism he snickered at some of the insults being traded as did the magority of Draconians since omnilinguism was a dragon trait Warren was giving the others translations which had them all snickering as well eventually though another Siren stood and sorted out the problem then glared at the room as a whole Harry just snorted, rolled his eyes then turned back to his meal

"Oh look dinner and a show" Harry muttered under his breath making the others roar in laughter when they heard his mutter Harry soon finished his meal 

"Well it was lovevly meeting you all but I have stuff in the oven that will be almost done so if you would all excuse me" Harry said

"Your going to eat more food?" Ember asked incredulouly having seen the huge pile that had been on Harry's plate Harry snickered 

"Well I have cake and cookies so yeah im gonna eat more do you all want to come an have some I have more than enough in fact I tend to go a bit over board when I bake" Harry said sheepishly 

"Sure i'll come" Ember said followed by Warren, Laura, Fabion, Dylan, Darren and the four Farley's the others apparently had plans Harry had a feeling he really didn't want to know what those plans were and by the dark smirks he knew he was right.

"Oh mother of Merlin these are amazing" Dylan moaned as he bit into a chocolate chip cookie which prompted the others into tasting their chosen cookie all made their opinions of the treats known and Harry flushed a bit at the compliments they were the first to really try his food as he had only ever cooked or baked for the Dursley's and they surely didn't show their apprachiation of his cooking 

"How did you make these was it from a box or with magic?" Laura asked Harry made an affronted noise 

"No I hand baked them all from scratch no magic was used in the making of this, magic is the cheaters way and it makes the food taste a little funny to me" Harry explained with a huff 

"I didn't mean to offend you Harry" Laura said and Harry smiled 

"It's alright im just glad you like it" Harry said as he began to mix some batter for his chocolate fudge cupcakes that he would decorate with chocolate buttercream the others were watching Harry work with facination as they ate away at a plate of cookies and slice of triple chocolate cake that he had shaped coloured and decorated to look like a snich. 

By the end of the night Harry had grown closer to the 10 that had been with him and knew he could come to call them friends they had all left with tupperware containers filled with cookies, cupcakes and cake as well as a promise that they would make it a weekly event which Harry was glad to agree to he had also offered to make dinner so they could have a night in Harry's room instead of going down to the canteen for food then returning to Harry's room for deserts they had agreed looking forward to tasting Harry's food after tasting his baking.

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