Changing Destiny

Harry found out about the deceptions in his life and after a huge change in his life he decided to take control no longer would he look to others for help after all he does have a Dark Lord looking to kill him


5. Chapter 5

It was now the 31st of August which conveniently fell on a Friday he held in his hand a portkey that would take him to Siwah before he would take another portkey to just outside the Institue's wards. In his pocket was his trunk that was a custom trunk with a few compartments, one for his clothing, one for weapons, one for his library which held half of the million or so books that he owned, one for general things he would need he decided he would rather have muggle pens and paper as they were easier and weren't as messy as ink, he had a compartment for his own potion stock which had better quality ingredients than Snape could ever dream of having another for his valuable belongings. Harry was wearing camoflage trousers like what the muggle British army would wear, the ends tucked into black lace up comabt boots and a tight black t-shirt his wings and tail very visible his hair in a complicated braid, Hedwig was perched on his shoulder while one of his snakes a 15ft black adder Hades hung around his neck while his 20ft tapian Pluto was coiled around his chest. Harry also had no less that 20 concealed weapons on his person but one could not be too careful in an unknown situation with a shrug Harry activated the portkey and was pulled away to Siwah. It was times like this that Harry knew he would be glad for the omnilinguism meaning he could understand all languages because who knew what travelling he would do in the future. Due to this abililty Harry was easily able to get his next porkey so was just outside the wards of Asluckwine Institute of magics.

After admiring the institute for a few minutes Harry passed through the frankly very impressive wards and began to trek up to the school there was a few people in front of him and surely some behind him one was a half Goblin, one a werewolf, one a nature fairy and one a tree nymph it was interesting the variety of creatures that attended the institute. Harry made it to the entrance of the school and noticed a water fairy standing with a roll of parchment in hand and he walked over

"Excuse me ma'am" Harry said making the woman visibly jump before turning to him she smiled 

"How can I be of assistance?" The woman asked 

"Well am new to the school and I dont know where I have to go exactly" Harry said with a grin 

"Ah of course just go inside there is a group waiting to be lead to the testing room. May I have your name?" the woman asked 

"Hadrain Merovingain ma'am but I prefer to go by Harry" Harry said the mention of his surname seemed to shock her before she once again pulled herself together and gave him a professional smile 

"Well King Merovingain, I am Dawn Summers and welcome to Asluckwine" Dawn said Harry thanked the woman and made his way inside were he spotted the group of new students waiting to be lead ot the testing room, there were a few Draconian's but none were Aangelic Dragons or Demonic Dragons since it is more common to find forest, ice, fire, water, lightning, storm and even sea Dragons. However the ones in the group definantly noticed his appearance since they all let out low whines that only their species would hear and showed their neck sumissivly but didn't seek him out just yet. Hades and Pluto let out hissy chuckles at seeing this. Around twenty minutes later Dawn walked to the front of the group and began to lead them to the testing chamber which was ten minutes from the entrance hall walking in Harry knew they were being observed as he could smell the others watching even through the thick walls of the chamber however he presumed they were the Professors and possibly Headmaster most likely wanting to get an idea of what they would be capable of. They all took seats while Dawn made her way to the middle of the room and orbs with class names began to appear around the large circular space she stood in

"Alright once again welcome to Asluckwine Institute of Magics, today you will be tested for your placements in the classes that you have chosen the orbs have a colouring system for the level that you will be joining the class, Blue indicates you will be joining as a beginner, White indicates you will be joining as trained and Gold for advanced. However there are two other colours available Black means that you will not be going to the class and Grey means that you need no more training or insturction in the class it is rare for new students to get the colours Gold and Grey only becasue most do not try the magics until getting to the school. Now shall we get started I will call your name from the list it is ordered by the order you arrived at the institute first up Mandy Scarlett" Dawn called and a nervous looking swamp nymph walked to the orbs. Mandy was accepted into all her chosen classes of herbology, knot magic and blood magic surprisingly and the list continued on a few people Golds and a good number getting Blacks

"And last but not least Hadrian Mervoingain" Dawn called and he felt teh Draconian's in the room shock and surprisingly awe, there was also shock and intrigue coming from the ones watching the testing process Harry approached his chosen orbs of Battle Magic which went Grey, Self Defence which went Gold, Blood magic which went Gold, Necromancy which went Grey, Illusionary magic which went Grey, healing magic that went Gold, Alchemy which went Gold and Animation/Reanimation which went Grey. Harry himself felt shock never mind the shock of others his were all Grey or Gold but it did help that he had thrown himself into his studying and the fact that he could remeber everything he read, seen, felt, tasted or experienced also his natural abiklities from his creature inheritance helped as well. 

Dawn got them all to stand so she could lead them to the accomodation center so they could chose thier rooms it took 20 minutes to get there and a fire nymph seemed to be in charge of the accomodation Harry requested a custom room which was room 5098 which he found easily enough. Walking in the room was exactly as the book said it would be so he made his way over to the book to chose his rooms. In the end Harry had a huge library that was blue and bronze in colour and had six storeys for his books it also looked aged which he liked, a large modern kitchen with muggle appliences Gardening and Cooking were the only things he enjoyed in the Dursleys and the only thing he would thank them for making him do, a large greenhouse with sections that had different enviroments so he could grow whatever he wanted the floor was yellow and black, a cosy sitting room much like the Gryffindor common room it was coloured red and gold what he wanted to have all the houses represented since he was the Lord of them therefore the owner of Hogwarts, a personal office that was green and silver, a master bedroom that was purple and black an eu-suite which was ice blue with hints of black and emerald green, three guest bedrooms each with their own en-suite bathroom, a training room, armoury and a pool. Harry was pleased with the results he was also glad it was a Friday it would allow him to get a feel of the school and to find his classes.

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