Changing Destiny

Harry found out about the deceptions in his life and after a huge change in his life he decided to take control no longer would he look to others for help after all he does have a Dark Lord looking to kill him


4. Chapter 4

Harry spent the next few days training his new aibilities he was also teaching himself some obscure magics that he had never thought he would ever be doing but they were fun and he enjoyed them, he was also teaching himself how to fight both in combat, weaponry and martial arts that he hired a trained professional from the muggle world he glamoured his extra appendages so the muggle wouldnt know anything according to the man he was a natural which admitadly having Divine combat as an ability helped a lot. It was five days since he had been to the bank when an owl from Gringotts soared into his dining room Harry took the shrunken box from the owl and offered it some bacon which it took with a hoot before leaving since Hedwig seemed to be glaring Harry just chuckled and stroked her to appease his snowy owl. Harry unshrunk the box which contained a letter from Griphook and information book he supposed it would have been awkward for the owl to carry both Harry opended the letter from Griphook 

Dear King Merovingian, 

I found the information that you requested the school is called Asluckwine Institute of Magics, the current Headmaster is Darkon Furthentime a Fey of Unseelie Court further information is found within the information booklet provided, I hope you find this to your satisfaction 



Harry grinned at the note and made his way to his study to read over the information settling down on the chase lounge in front of the roaring fire he cracked open the information pack and began to read 

Asluckwine Institue of Magics is located in Siwah Egypt. This school was founded and still run by Darkon Furthentime and has been running for almost 200 years now. The school accepts creatures of all races but no mortals as they are not as accepting of somethings as the teachers would be. 

All magics are taught in the school it is up to the individual which subjects they wish to take they are taught by the best in thier fields it is also up to the students if they show up to the classes. 

There are often fights that break out usually by the more territorial creatures in the institute however some may start forr the sake of fighting, this is accepted due to this there can be deaths on campus. This is not a school for the weak off heart. 

It is your choice about how long you stay at the Insitute we only care that you get from the Institue what you came for. There are a number of accomodations available for those who enter the school. Below are the listed accomodations that we at Asluckwine offer to student;

-Single Room: this room has a bedroom, en-suite bathroom, kitchen and a sitting room. Those who choose this room do not wish to look for a potetial mate during their stay at the institute. The room is also commonly chosen by those whom are solitary creatures or creatures that dont get along well with others of any species.

-Double Room: this room has 2 bedrooms, communal bathroom, two small offices, sitting room, kitchen. These rooms are often used by friends that wish to stay together throughout their education, it can also be used by anyone that might have a young child with them as we offer babysitters and protectors for the children 

-Searching Room: This room contains one Master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and three guest rooms with en-suite's there is also a spare room that can be converted into whatever the owner wishes, sitting room, kitchen and a small library. These rooms are made specifically for those that are activily searching for a mate they can allow potential mates to stay close to the searcher and try to win over the affections of the searcher 

-Customisable Rooms: these room are completely bare to begin with only one large room, the room contains a book that has models off rooms that a person might like. The number of bedrooms will determin the status of the room. 

Within entry of the school all students will be tested for entry to their classes to both determin their power for the subject and which class they will be added to there are three classes available the beginner class for those who haven't had much training, trained for those that have previous training and are good at the subject and advanced for those that have great power levels and have good training in the subject before joining the school. 

If you are considering our Institute for your education you can come to the school and take the entry tests for classes we won't turn you away

Harry grinned he was sold on the school and knew he would be going he quickly looked for the date of the entry tests which was the 31st of August he was excited he turned to Hedwig

"Well girl looks like were heading to Egypt, im also thinking of getting a snake or two do you mind?" Harry asked his familiar who seemed to contemplate the question before hooting in acceptance. The decision set the pace for the rest of Harry's summer he flew through his studying of all subjects in the many books that he owned which admittidly was a lot going out a few times to get what he needed for his trip away.

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