Changing Destiny

Harry found out about the deceptions in his life and after a huge change in his life he decided to take control no longer would he look to others for help after all he does have a Dark Lord looking to kill him


2. Chapter 2

Harry landed at the steps of Gringotts and the Guard goblins sent him looks of pure shock especilaly when Harry smiled at them, Harry made his way to a free teller and requested a meeting with the Goblin in charge of the Potter Accounts and Estate and for Griphook to meet him there, the Goblin nodded before shouting something in a rough sounding language that Harry to his surprise understood however before he could think further he was being lead through a series of corridors stopping in front of an office door that Griphook was waiting at

"Greeting's Griphook it is good to see you again" Harry said with a small smile to the Goblin he had met in his first trip to the magical bank 

"And you also Mr Potter shall we go in?" Griphook asked

"Yes we shall would you like to go in first?" Harry asked and Griphook nodded Harry somehow being able to smell the small creatures shock Harry followed after Griphook and saw a pompus looking Goblin sitting behind a desk that looked up 

"Mr Potter what can I do for you today?" the Goblin asked not even giving his name Harry sneered 

"I would like your name and for you to call in your superior" Harry demanded the goblin shakily nodded his head introducing himself as Spearclaw before speaking into an orb requesting the presence of Gornuk the Bank Director the almost regal looking Goblin walked into the room fifteen minutes or so later 

"Why am I here?" Gornuk asked not sounding pleased at all 

"I am terribly sorry for the inturruption I am sure you are very busy but I was wondering if I could somehow make Griphook my new account manager?" Harry asked Gornuk rasied an eyebrow while Griphook stared shocked at Harry 

"Is there a reason behind the request?" Gornuk questioned at this Spearclaw began to look nervous proving Harry's suspicions to be correct 

"Yes I do believe that Spearclaw has been handing my money out to people without my consent I do not know how far this has gone but I believe artifacts have also been removed without my consent in fact until recently I believe my school vault was all I had" Harry explained and smelt rage pouring of Gornuk 

"Is what he says true?" Gornuk asked and Spearclaw could only nod knowing he would live no longer Gornuk called in three warrior goblins to take Spearclaw 

"I am sorry that this has happened, now I believe that if this has been happening you have not been tested for anyother bloodlines that you may carry so I will leave that to Griphook who is your new Account and Estate Manager. Again we are sorry fofr this incident" Gornuk said before hurridly leaving the room to deal with the disgraced Spearclaw leaving Griphook and Harry aloe in the room 

"Not that I do not appreaciate it but why did you chose me?" Griphook asked as he got the bloodline test ready Harry smiled at the creature 

"You were the second person that had ever shown me the slightest hint of Kindness, my whole life I grew up believeing that I was a freak that deserved no kindess or love until Hagrid came and brought me here then you showed a small orphan boy unconditional kindness when most of your race would sneer or mutter about me" Harry said as he pricked a finger with the blade handed to him staring at his blood that was gold in colour 

"I was only showing you the kindness that you showed to our great nation, you were the first in thousands of years to bow back to one of ours or even address us with an ounce of respect, any of the nation would have treated you how I did" Griphook replied before he started a small chant as words began to appear on the parchment Harry's blood had dripped onto 

Hadrian James Potter Lordships by Blood;










Both Harry and Griphook were shocked by the results of the test but the Lord Rings were quickly summoned and Harry was instructed on which fingers they went on apparently DeVere was a Royal family that he was the last of Harry then asked if a test could be done to discover what he was and there was ten minutes later Harry was sitting back in his chair stunned he was apparently an angelic demonic dragon the only on of his kind as the others were generally only angelic dragons or demonic dragon which apparently gave him more power which would be good if he was the king of both species according to the Merovingian Lordship which was an ancient Draconian line Griphook gave him a book that would explain what powers he would now have then gave Harry the listings of everything he now owned

"Thank you for the help Griphook, I have one more thing to ask though" Harry said 

"What is it?" Griphook asked 

"Is there any schools that would accomidate my new additions I have a feeling I would not be fully accepted there plus I need to learn more than what Hogwarts can teach me" Harry said 

"Ah there is a good number of schools however there is one in Egypt that caters only to creatures there are vertually no rules any thing you wish to learn can be taught to you by some of the best in the fields, no magics are considered illegal except here in Britain" Griphook said 

"That sounds wonderful do you mind getting me the information I need about the school?" Harry asked 

"I will get it to you by the end of the week King Merovingian" Griphook said apparently he would be refered to as King Merovingian as that is the oldest line he has in his blood Harry thanked Griphook before leaving to one of his homes this one in Moscow which he thought was far enough away from Britain that the Order would not think to look for him 

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