Changing Destiny

Harry found out about the deceptions in his life and after a huge change in his life he decided to take control no longer would he look to others for help after all he does have a Dark Lord looking to kill him


12. Chapter 12

The remainder of the Spa Weekend passed much the same Harry always seemed to be in the company of either Vladimir or Darkon or even both at the same time Harry didn't know why its not like he was that interesting, he had also became friends with Miloshkov and Darla who were actually really cool no doubt his other friends would like them if they still wanted to be friends in school that is. Harry went in search of Kristoff and Nior whom he had only seen during meals he did not want to know what they were doing in between as he was looking he walked straight into Nior who had literally just appeared out of nowhere 

"Are you alright?" Nior asked concerned and Harry laughed a bit standing up as he had fallen to the floor 

"Yeah im good, are you and Kristoff ready to go?" Harry asked 

"Yep he's waiting in the main lobby I was looking for you" Nior said grinning 

"What a coincidence I was just looking for you both also" Harry said making Nior laugh as they began to walk to the main lobby where Kristoff was waiting for them both greeting them with a hug along with a kiss for Nior before they portkeyed out of the spa resort, at the Institute doors they were met by Valdimir and Darkon who smiled at them all before all turned to Harry seriously 

"What?" Harry asked confused 

"Do you remember our conversation at the start of the trip?" Nior asked and Harry sighed 

"Do I have to?" Harry asked with a pout 

"Yes little emerald you do, we only want what is best for you" Nior said so with a sigh Harry followed the four into the school and to the medical bay which was stocked up with only the best equipment and quality potions from what Harry remembered during his exploration 

"Headmaster how can I help you?" the healer asked as he walked out of his office the man was a spirit fey which obviously helped a lot with his job 

"It appears we have a student who has not been able to eat proper meals throughout his life due to his unfortunate home circumstances" Darkon stated and the healer seemed horrified by the statement 

"Where is he?" the healer asked and Vladimir pointed at Harry who was half hiding behind his father figure the healer walked over determined in his stride and pulled Harry out from behind Nior gently seeing clearly what most others missed which were the bags under the teens eyes, tired and saddened eyes, the clear signs of malnourishment and the wariness and hopefulness surrounding the teen like a thick cloud 

"Oh you poor boy come sit down and we'll find out what is wrong with you" the healer said gently guiding Harry to one of the beds in the room followed by the four adults who sat around the bed at the instant concern the healer showed the others became worried knowing that it was bad. 

After laying down on the bed the healer began to cast a number of diagnostic charms on Harry and a sheet of parchment appeared in the air before the healer slowly getting longer and longer to everyone's horror it was longer than that of even a well seasoned Auror and that was something in itself. Once the healer was finished he plucked the sheet of parchment from the air and began to read the results slowly getting angrier as he got further along the list beginning to curse when he got to Harry's Hogwarts years the others were definitely concerned for their healer had never lost his composure before eventually the Healer came to the end of the long sheet and turned to Harry

"Remove any and all glamour's on your person also your top and bottoms I want to survey this damage myself" the healer said Harry hesitantly removed his top and bottoms before looking down as he removed the glamour's he had placed on his body before joining the school there were a number of gasps when everyone saw just how many scars, unhealed bruises and clearly mishealed bones Harry had not to mention how thin he was he looked so frail compared to the strong image the glamour gave off for him

"Oh little Emerald why didn't you tell us it was this bad?" Nior asked sadly and Harry looked up with tears in his eyes

"I didn't want to worry you, I was also ashamed I felt like I had to be strong everyone expects it from me to be the strong one so I didn't let it show, I hid it" Harry said softly before being pulled into a hug by his father figure and his father figures mate

"You don't need to be strong anymore you can rely on others if you want. Those people who expected you to always be the strong one obviously didn't care about you at all" Darkon said to Harry's surprise, Harry sat in silence while the healer healed his injuries to the point where only his malnourishement was a problem

"Alright young man I want you eating three full meals a day and snacks throughout it so I will lend you a house elf that will be able to get to the kitchens to get you snacks on a regular bases" the healer said 

"Um actually I would prefer to make my own, food made fully or partially with magic tastes bland to me and makes me feel sick" Harry said quietly not wanting the healer to be annoyed with him 

"That is absolutely fine just go with whatever you feel is best. Now the three full meals a day is the most important thing so ensure you always have the three meals the snacks aren't as important but I would like you to have regular snacks regardless, I want you too check in with me every three weeks when you get a chance so that I can check your progress, try to get more sleep as well you're currently running on very little sleep which is not good for your body in any way. I expect you lot to help him out when you can" The healer said looking sternly at the four grown ups who were quick to nod 

"Of course Healer Jackson, we all want Harry healthy and well" Vladimir said truthfully and Harry had to fight a blush as the man's violet eyes trailed his body, why was he reacting this way Harry thought to himself these two men were Professors. 

"Good then you're free to go" Healer Jackson said Harry re-dressed and followed Nior to his Advanced Alchemy class which was spent with Nior going over the advantages of some rare ingredients such as Dementor essence it was extremely interesting to Harry and he could admit Nior was much better than Snape which Harry was glad about.

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