Changing Destiny

Harry found out about the deceptions in his life and after a huge change in his life he decided to take control no longer would he look to others for help after all he does have a Dark Lord looking to kill him


11. Chapter 11

Harry ended up sunbathing in the sand his dragon sides purring at the heat mostly the demonic dragon since they were apparently creatures from hell a place warmer than any place imaginable, Hades and Pluto were also enjoying the heat if their pleased hisses were anything to go by. Harry felt someone approaching him well two someones he opened one eye only to see Darkon and Vladimir making their way over smiles on their faces as they chatted with each other in the bright sun both were more beautiful in Harry's eyes and he closed them before he done something like drool now wouldn't that be embarrasing for him. Harry expected them both to just walk past but Harry sensed and heard them sit by him careful of Hades and Pluto who had reared up protectively Harry sighed and opened his eyes to look at the two huge serpents with a smile 

~Don't worry you two one is a Professor the other the Headmaster of the Academy~ Harry hissed soothingly 

~Are you sure they could be here to hurt you?~ Pluto asked always cautious he was

~Have you gotten into trouble already?~ Hades asked managing to sound both proud and displeased Harry laughed at the two serpents unaware of how the two men were looking at him although Nior and Kristoff who were watching from the resort did see and shared wide grins

~They are not here to hurt me Pluto they are kind trust me and Hades I have not gotten into trouble though I am amazed you are able to sound both proud and disproving at the same time~ Harry said and the two let out hissy laughs before settling back on the sand to relax leaving Harry to deal with the two men 

"Aren't you warm?" Darkon asked curiously 

"No since I am one part demonic dragon the heat is only moderate in all honesty but I enjoy it plus I was always out in the sun despite how hot it got doing chores in clothes bigger than me so the heat is something I am used to" Harry explained 

"Ah, you said one part demonic dragon does this make you something else also?" Vladimir asked and Harry nodded 

"Yeah my other part is an Angelic Dragon but I have the feeling I have something else because some of the things I can do are not in the list of powers either of my creature sides can do, I guess I will have to wait to find out" Harry said 

"So you truly are the Merovingain King of the Draconian race then?" Darkon questioned 

"Unfortunantly, I only ever wanted to be normal now I find I am a King and will be a King to the European Magical World since I am also DeVere, but I should be used to it since I live to break the walls of possibililty" Harry said 

"Indeed, surviving the Killing Curse then beating Voldemort each time you have faced him people would claim that impossible well surviving the Killing Curse is without immortality and you were at the time only a child" Vladimir said with a smile 

"I live to please and break all expectations" Harry said with a cheeky grin that brought out his rarely seen dimples the two men laughed slightly amazed at the teens sense of humour 

"Have you enjoyed your first week at the Academy?" Vladimir questioned curiously leaning his chin on his hands which were propped on his knees 

"It's been amazing in all honesty had I known of other schools before I would have not gone to Hogwarts to begin with it was said to be the most secure school when really its not I mean the Headmaster didn't know of the Basilisk in the pipes or the fact one of Voldemort's Horcruxes was draining the life of a student. Had I known before what I was getting into I would have just stayed away from magic schools all together and trained myself like I did before coming to the Academy. I love how things are taught here and that everyone is sorted due to skill meaning I dont need to wait for others that might not work as quickly as I do. I aslo love the aray of subjects it would give me a bigger advantage over Voldemort if I know more magics than he thinks I know, the Academy itslef is beautiful, I hope to one day have Hogwarts with a reputation like Asluckswine" Harry said passionately his eyes lighting in delight as he spoke 

"You plan to reform Hogwarts? How will you do that?" Darkon asked curiously Harry grinned 

"Well not only will I take over Magical Europe I am hier to the four Hogwarts founders, I will be able to take my rightful place as the Headmaster and Owner of the School and reform it completely I will ensure that creatures are able to attend and that everyone will be treated fairly and equally no matter what race they are, the tuition fees will be wavered completely it was never in the plan for students to pay for thier education in any case the Hogwarts account the founders set aside has enough money to keep the school in tip top shape for thousands of years and money goes in as fast as it gets taken out any way since Hogwarts has investments thanks to the founders and some previous headmasters who wanted more money to go in rather than the fees from the students being the only thing to rely on" Harry explained petting Hades and Pluto as they slithered over for attention 

"Incredible when do you plan to do this?" Vladimir asked 

"Well I plan to kill Voldemort in the summer since Bill and Fleur some friends of mine practically family are gettinng married I will take over the school at the same time well after Voldemort is gone, I want Dumbledore gone as soon as possible he is reaking havoc on both the school and the students, I plan to open a summer lodgings scheme for students that like me dont have a good home life and might not want to return" Harry said softly 

"I think it is wonderful what you want to do. I also think you are the best thing that will ever happen to the European Magical World you will finally bring them out of the dark ages'' Darkon said making Harry blush lightly they lapsed into silence as Harry once again lay down to enjoy the heat of the sun bareing down on him the other two men were just content to sit and watch Harry without making it obvious of course. They all stood after a few hours and walked to lunch were the same group of people were waiting for them at the table from breakfast 

"Hello Harry" Selene said with a sweet smile which Harry returned 

"Hello" Harry replied 

"How was your morning?" Miloshkov asked 

"It was wonderful I lay on the beach its my first time at a beach so I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could, how was yours?" Harry asked in return 

"It was good I had to finish some homework but other than that it was good" Miloshkov replied smiling 

"How about you Darla?" Harry asked curious he hadn't spoke much to the girl she seemed startled but smiled 

"It's been wonderful thanks for asking" Darla replied and the three lapsed into a converstation about themselves getting to know eachother better. Harry once again didn't eat much but this time no-one said anything about it as they knew the reason.

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