Changing Destiny

Harry found out about the deceptions in his life and after a huge change in his life he decided to take control no longer would he look to others for help after all he does have a Dark Lord looking to kill him


10. Chapter 10

The rest of the week passed similarly Harry had eaten in the Canteen twice and each time he felt awkward with a few of the one's he had met on the first day such as Dante and his few close friends otherwise it was fine today was the first day of the spa weekend that Nior and Kristoff invited him to so Harry was packing a bag to take with him since he would more than likely need it. Just as Harry finsihed packing the bag his front door opened and Nior stepped through 

"Good Morning little emerald how are you feeling?" Nior asked Harry smiled at the man 

"Morning Nior I am fine this morning still hesitant about the spa trip though" Harry said looking down at the floor as Hades and Pluto dropped onto his shoulders Nior looked startled only having thought Harry had the one snake apparently not 

"Do you have any normal sized pets?" Nior asked 

"Yeah Hedwig my owl whats wrong with Hades and Pluto, your not scared are you?" Harry teased 

"No, no im not scared, how dare you say that to me" Nior said and Harry snickered lightly making Nior scowl and pout

"Well lets get going before I ultimately change my mind about going at all" Harry said as he picked up his rucksack which had clothes for the weekend, some light reading material,  sketch pads since he rather liked to draw and a few other things to keep himself entertained he was quite glad he had no homework to complete having completed it the day he got it or he would have to be doing that, with that statement Nior grabbed his arm and pulled him from the room just barely giving Harry enough time to close, lock and ward the door 

"Man you really want me to go to this don't you?" Harry asked amused 

"Of course, Harry you need to relax I have been gone for a while yet even I know you have most likely overworked yourself and those horrible Dursley's have probably done the exact same.  True?" Nior asked Harry sighed 

"You know me too well Nior" Harry said 

"Well this weekend is just what you need to relax and forget about your troubles. Remember Harry, Hakuna Matata" Nior said and Harry laughed 

"It means no worries" Harry replied 

"Damn right it does, oh look theres Kristoff" Nior said excitedly Harry smiled as he watched the man he considered a father light up as he spotted his mate, what Harry wouldn't give to have someone look at him that way but it probably wouldn't happen for a while yet, ot like he didn't have the time he was immortal after all only strange thing is the book Griphook had given him only showed the powers related to the person reading the book, a different book he had read only said that Draconians had a longer lifespan than most other creatures not that they were immortal that confused Harry, what could have made him immortal when the others of his race only had longer lifespans it was something he would look into further. 

"Ah little emerald how are you?" Kristoff asked as he embraced Harry tightly Harry sighed into the taller mans chest contently 

"Hesitant" Harry replied 

"Dont worry your more than welcome to be there, come we are going by portkey so we need to get out outside the wards" Kristoff said and they began to walk down the long walk to exit the school grounds. The portkey activated as soon as they were outside the wards go thing they had all been holding onto each other in some way. Harry gasped as he saw the location they were in, it appeared the spa was directly by the sea, the spa was designed almost like an old greek temple, the staff appeared to be the ones dressed in all white, it was a beautiful place 

"Where are we?" Harry asked as he gazed at the crystal blue sea and the sand that made up the beach

"We are in one on the Greek Island Skopelos" Kristoff said 

"It is beautiful" Harry whispered 

"Come on we will show you to your room, then we can join the others for breakfast" Nior said Harry nodded and followed as he was lead to the fifth floor the place had seven, his room was wonderful it was in gentle shades of green, blue and reds with some cream threw in for effect. Harry left his bag on the bed before following Kristoff and Nior back down hiding slightly behind the two taller men to their amusement, Harry's eyes widened as he saw the amount of people in the room he recognised his own teachers and a few other Professors that he had seen around campus, he did not really recognise any of the other students all were obviously in the school longer and were more aquainted with each other, Harry was sure to stand out and he didn't really want that, to his surprise there were a lot of Draconians there and buy their slight stiffening they could sense him. Wonderful. Kristoff and Nior sat down at a eight person table with Harry between the two Harry kept his eyes on the table 

"Hello Nior, Kristoff" A sweet voice asked as one of the chairs was pull back 

"Hello Selene how are you?" Nior 

"Just wonderful, oh who is this?" Selene asked as she spotted the boy between the two men 

"Ah this is our plus one and a son to my mate slowly becoming a son to me also, Hadrain Merovingain but he goes by Harry. Harry this is Selene Starr the Astronomy Professor" Kristoff said smiling as the teen looked up 

"Nice to meet you ma'am" Harry said with a polite nod of his head 

"Oh your just adorable, please call me Selene" the woman said Harry smiled at the spirit fey a light blush on his face at being called adorable. Harry listened as the three Professors began to have a conversation Harry listened to Hades and Pluto hissing at each other about the others in the room some of the hissed comments were quite funny he was only glad that omnilinguisim didn't pick up parsletongue since it was a completely different thing altogether as it was an animal language therefore the draconians would not be able to understand what the snakes were saying

~Behave you two~ Harry hissed at the serpents who apologised halfheartedly just as more people sat down at the table

"Hello everyone this is Harry, he's like a son to Nior and Kristoff" Selene said happily pointing to Harry who's head snapped up at the sound of his name he almost gulped as he spotted two of the most handsome men he had ever seen amoung the four that just sat down 

"Harry these are Miloshkov Novbrak a student from Croatia, Darla Hartington a student from Canada, Vladimir Alexanderkrof the Languages Professor and Darkon Furthentime our Headmaster" Nior introduced Harry smiled shyly, Miloshkov was a lightning Draconian, Darla a vampire, Vladimir appeared to be a shadow demon and Darkon was of course a fire fey of the Useelie court it was Vladimir and Darkon who captured Harry's attention with their handsome looks, Harry kept himself under control as he spoke 

"It's nice to meet you all" Harry said 

"Are you new to the Institute?" Miloshkov asked curiously 

"I am, I wouldn't have been accepted at my old school, most there are not tolerant of creatures or anyone even slightly unique I couldn't return to face more scrutiny so I sought out a creature friendly school my account manager at Gringotts suggested Ausluckwine and it seemed like the best option for me" Harry explained softly not looking at anyone as he did 

"Not to sound rude but how did you view creatures before you changed?" Selene asked 

"Its no problem, I was never concerned as creatures were my equals no one deserves to be treated differently just because they are different, I know how that feels it isn't a nice feeling to be treated like a freak just because of a difference, my honouree father is a vampire the other a werewolf, I have a werewolf for a godfather, a house elf is one of my best friends, im friends with goblins, centaurs even merepeople. So yeah I have always viewed creatures as my equals even before I was a creature myself" Harry explained blushing as he realised how passionately he had said that 

"Wow" Darla said 

"Sorry" Harry said 

"Don't be it is nice to know that someone was on our side it always is" Vladimir said with a smile Harry smiled tentively back as food appeared on the table much like in Hogwarts they all began to eat the others sharing light conversations as Harry focused on his food, he could tell that it had been made mostly using magic as to him who was used to eating muggle food it was too bland, due to this Harry didn't eat much which obviously worried Nior and Kristoff 

"Are you not eating anymore?" Nior asked gaining the others attention and they saw how little Harry had eaten 

"I mean no offence but I can't eat food even partially made or prepared with magic, it tastes bland to me and makes me feel quite sick" Harry explained 

"How did you survive in your previous school I know the food their was always prepared by magic?" Nior asked 

"Well as you know I am used to small meals so I only really ate fruit or very little of the food made by the elves" Harry said 

"Harry this could be very bad for you your stomach could be extremely small from the lack of food all your life" Nior said worriedly this made the other adults instantly concerned, the other students knowing this was now a confidental converstation left the table and placed a strong privacy spell 

"What do you mean most of his life?" Kristoff asked 

"Do you want to tell them or shall I? And don't worry you can trust these guys they won't tell a soul" Nior asked 

"When I was fifteen months old my parents were murdered on Halloween everyone knows this I was given to my mothers sister Petunia my aunt, she and her husband Vernon hated anything not normal therefore they obviously wouldn't like their nephew who had magical parents and could quite possibly be magical himself. I grew up in a small cupboard under the stairs smaller than the room of even a badly treated house elf before my change I was the size of a second year, I grew doing chores that would make a grown man weep from the age of four failure ot complete said chores and I would be denied my meals for how long they pleased and beaten. I was unloved and starved because even if I completed my chores I only got a bit of stale bread and glass of water to eat and drink I was lucky to sometimes get a bit of fruit but nothing more" Harry shrugged 

"I met Harry when he was five he was no bigger than a two year old he was badly bruised and malnourished, turned out that his uncle had sent him out with the trash only to lock him out of the house it was the dead of winter and Harry wore only his underwear and a t-shirt that was like a dress on him, when I found him he was almost frozen probably what the uncle had wished for" Nior siad softly as he held Harry close

"Oh little emerald, you poor child no one should go through this and have a mad man after their blood" Kristoff

"I assume your true surname is Potter for they are the only Halloween deaths that everyone is familure with?" Darkon asked 

"You would be right on that regard Darkon" Nior said 

"When was the last time you had a medical checkup?" Selene asked 

"At the end of my last school year when i was in a coma due to Voldemort trying to possess me" Harry explained

"And the mediwitch or wizard did not pick any of this up?" Vladimir asked at this Harry looked sheepish 

"Ah well from a young age not long after meeting Nior I was warned not to tell a soul so I guess subconsiously my magic began to hide the worst of the damge so that it wouldnt be visible in any way" Harry explained

"When we return to the Institute you will be taking a full medical test with nothing hidden, have the weekend to relax because if anyone needs it, it's you" Kristoff said sternly but in caring and protective manner, it was sweet

"Okay" Harry said with a nod 

"Good now go on we will meet you back here at lunch" Kristoff said smiling Harry grinned back and stood to leave giving Nior and Kristoff each a kiss on the cheek before he went off to explore the frankly beautiful resort.

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