Changing Destiny

Harry found out about the deceptions in his life and after a huge change in his life he decided to take control no longer would he look to others for help after all he does have a Dark Lord looking to kill him


1. Chapter 1

Harry lay in a coma after the events at the Ministry of Magic the events that lead to the death of his beloved Godfather Sirius. Harry didn't know why he was currently in a coma the worst that had happened to him was Voldemort possessing him not that it lasted long as Harry had managed to throw the Dark Lord out. Harry didnt believe that possession would lead to a coma until he got an urge from something to wait so Harry did and his patience was rewarded when he felt people approaching 

"Headmaster why do we need to stay around the freak?" Harry heard Ron's voice question

"Because Mr Weasley I fear that the loss of Sirius might make him act out and I need you and Miss Granger to prevent this from happening I need him mouldable, the Dursley's should of course do their job in breaking the boy" Dumbledore replied 

"What about payments if we are to stick around him any longer I want more for my time and what about Ginny she hasn't been able to even get the freaks attention" Hermione said 

"Then she can begin to administer the love potions, as for payments I can increase them and add some Potter and Black books to the mix if that would appease you" Dumbledore said 

"Yes that would and I will go tell Ginny right now, have a good evening Headmaster come on Ron" Hermione said and he heard them all begin to retreat just as he began to wake from his coma. Harry silently seethed as Madam Pompfry checked him over before releasing him from the hospital from there Harry made his way to the Room of Requirement where he would spend the last two days of term. 

As it was quite late Harry requested a bedroom from the room and collapsed onto the bed gladly then fell into a trance he hadn't fell into since his days in the cupboard what he didnt realise back then was that he had been delving deep into his body where he could reach both his mind and his magical core which was something not even Voldemort could do and Voldemort could do many obscure magic's. Harry was shocked when he realised what he was seeing but began to explore his mind sorting everything into small glass ornaments that were unbreakable and only he could lift them from the construted shelves he then began to layer protective layers around his mind so that no one would be able to enter. 

After finally securing his mind Harry travelled to his magic and gasped at what he saw, there were black tendrail's latching onto his magic hungrily draining it Harry concentrated with all his might and the tandrails began to sizzle andburn away from his magic gladly they didnt grow back almost instantly Harry felt his power levels replenish and grow he placed a large dome around his magic to prevent anymore leaching on his magic. 

The next few days were spent with Harry relearning his first through fifth year material adding in college level muggle material to keepp him occupied since he seemed to retain things beter now that his magic wasn't being leached by the black mass he suspected was the link with Voldemort hopefully that would begin to weaken the man since he had none of Harry's magic to increase his own power levels. Harry had also taught himself wandless and non verbal magic since they couldn't be tracked by the Ministry therefore giving him a way to protect himself from Vernon. 

Harry sat alone at the Gryffindor table during the leaving feast having told Hermione, Ron and Ginny he wanted to be alone as he would be unable to keep a civil conversation with the tratiors in any case they believed he was still mourning the loss of Sirius. The train left the next morning Harry having made sure to ward his compartment so no one would be able to enter it he did not was to be bothered. 

Time passed quickly enough at the Dursley residence when they were scared out of their wits with Harry's wandless magic so Harry was left alone for the month leading to his birthday it was on his birthday that things began to get weird for one he woke with a fever that made him feel like he was on fire he couldn't move from his bed the whole day then around noon his back felt like it was splitting open and eventually the pain got too much and he passed out. Harry woke the next day feeling different too different so he rushed to the bathroom and gaped at the changes he saw his skin had scales that were the same shade of his skin a snow white colour, his eyes were like thousands of tiny gems stuck together and each different shades of green though most were the colour of the killing curse he knew because he could see each individual gem like speck of colour, his pupils were slitted like a reptile, he was five foot six inches tall still and at the minute far to thin all his bones were clearly visible starvation does that to a person, his hair went to the middle of his back and to his absolute shock he had wings that trailed to the ground and a tail they were both black with a few ice blue scales scattered throughout, the tail was thick like a snake almost and he could control it as well as it moving on its own, his wings each had a spike like claw at the top of the wing. 

Harry made his way down the stairs after changing into fresh clothes as predicted the Dursley's immediatly began to freak out making Harry roll his eyes in annoyance 

"You will be glad to know that I am leaving now and I will not be returning to this hell hole ever again so goodbye" Harry said before throwing an insanity curse at his family the curse would work slowly until the three completely lost their minds Harry did not regret the decision to do so. His first stop was Gringotts to find out just what exactly happened to him over night.

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