Hollis Returns

Hollis returns to Hogwarts after three years...


1. Chapter 1

                Hollis stood nervously outside of Severus, her ex-husband, living quarters. She knocked twice and waited for him to answer. He looked much different than he did three years ago. His hair was longer, he had bags under his eyes, and he was growing a small beard. He gasped as he saw who was standing in front of him. He slammed the door in Hollis’ face.

                Hollis knocked again “Open up,” she said.

                “What are you doing here?” he yelled from the other side of the door.

                “Dumbledore gave me my job back. Come on, open up we need to talk”

                Severus opened the door and let Hollis in. He poured them both a coffee and gestured for her to sit in the warn leather chair across from him. She declined to sit down and stood awkwardly drinking her coffee.

                “Where are the kids?” Hollis asked.

                Severus glared “Molly has them. She takes care of them during the school year,” he said “now what are you really doing here?”

                “Andy needs someone, she is lonely”

                Severus slammed his coffee cup on the coffee table, splashing some onto the floor. “I was lonely. I am lonely. We were all lonely. You left. Not just me and the kids but everyone else too. Things are very different now. All because of you!” he yelled “Remus looked for you for a whole year. I looked for you. Your family looked for you. You ruined all our lives. Why are you actually back?”

                Hollis stood there in silence, she took a sip of her coffee, put it gently on the table and began to speak “I had to leave. It would have been worse if I stayed. Not only was I a drunken mess sleeping with anyone who smiled at me, I was on drugs Severus. Leaving was the best thing for everyone. I was already messing everything up. I thought leaving would be best. I was ruining everything. But I am different now, and I am on a mission,” she said.

                “What kind of mission?” he asked

                “I want things to go back to the way they were. Before I was cursed. Before you convinced me to leave the Dark Lord. I want those few years back. The years where we could do whatever we wanted. When we, the death eaters, had real power”

                Severus looked shocked. Ever since they had left the Dark Lord years ago she had never expressed interest in rejoining them, or showed any signs of sharing their ideals. The people she considered her family were one of the biggest blood-traitor families in the world.

                Hollis moved towards him and pulled his sleeve up revealing the dark mark “Don’t you remember?” she asked, pointing to it.

                Severus pushed her back and yanked the sleeve back down “So what, you want to be the new leader, is that it? You want the people to worship you?”

                Hollis shook her head no “I just want us to all be free. The purebloods”

                Severus wiped the coffee off the floor with his sock “You know how death eaters feel about your family” he said.

                Hollis smiled “Don’t worry, I have a plan. I am going to get the kids to join me, hopefully you too.”

                “You know I left, you know why I left” he said, hanging his head

                “Come on. It will be different. No purebloods attacking other purebloods or half-bloods that side with us” she smiled

                There was a knock on Severus’ door. He opened it but no one was there. He turned around to find that Hollis had left.



                Hollis apperated into the Weasley’s living room. The whole family was there; Charlie, Bill, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, Molly, and Arthur. Ginny ran at Hollis and hugged her. Everyone else just stared at her.

                “Where have you been?” Ginny asked, wiping tears from her eyes.

                Hollis hugged her back “Canada, I’m sorry I left, but I had to –“

                Molly cut her off, ran up and wrapped her arms around her “We know” she said.

                Everyone else followed suit, hugging her and crying. Everyone barraged her with questions about Canada, they knew virtually nothing about it. Hollis told them about meeting many people that helped her figure out who she was and what she wanted. She told them about her run in with trolls in the Rocky Mountains and her vacation to Lake Ontario where she befriended a group of merpeople. She told them stories until the sun set and the moon was high in the sky.

                After she told them the story of how she helped shut down a house elf fighting association she announced that she had to leave. She told them she would see them in a week when school started and that things were going to be extremely different. She hugged them all, said good bye and returned to Hogwarts to her own living quarters. 

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