Come On (m.g.c.)

The tweet from Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds of Summer in 2014 inspired this One Shot.
It's about Mikey seeing a girl in a train station
It's all rather explanatory


1. Come On

"Come on, Mike." Calum said as the other three got up out of the car. Mikey slowly got out of the car so as to not mess up the longest game of Temple Run he'd had thus far. Slowly, he followed and did as the others did.

"Come on, Michael." Luke said, sounding annoyed, as the other three tied their tags to their baggage. He glanced up and then back down. He breathed a sigh of relief when he noticed he hadn't died from his minor slip up.

"Come on, Mikey." Ashton said grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the platform. As they stood to wait no one spoke to him or even touched him so he almost forgot they were there.

"Come on, Nat." He heard a girl say. He glanced up again when he saw one girl pulling another by her upper arm onto the platform. The girl being pulled looked deep into whatever she was doing to the point of not paying attention to the people around her.

Michael looked back to his game and groaned realizing he had lost because he was staring at the pretty girl next to him on the platform.

He heard a groan come from her too as she locked her phone and stuck it in her back pocket. Michael did the same to his phone so he could maybe strike up conversation. He couldn't figure out what to say to her.

She was beautiful. Her hair was just below her shoulders and curled into tight ringlets. But that wasn't even the first thing he noticed about her. It was her outfit. She wore almost an exact replica of what Misty wore on Pokemon with a Pokèball backpack. Mikey chuckled and watched as she turned her head to face him.

Her eyes were electric blue making him gasp silently. He looked away right as she made eye contact with him. He told himself how stupid he was being and to just do it, but he was having an incredibly ridiculous time trying to muster up the courage. Right as he was about to say something to her he felt a hand wrap around his arm.

"Come on, Clifford." Their managers said pulling him closer to the train he was supposed to board. He tried to keep an eye on her so see where she was going. He could barely see the mop of dark curly hair by the time his train pulled away from the station. She didn't get on any trains as long as he could see her, she only wandered through the people until she saw a bench and then se sat down and started playing with her phone again. The train started pulling away and he felt a sinking feeling. He realized that he probably wasn't gonna see her again and he sighed.

Michael looked at the guys watching him intently. He noticed it was because of where he stood; in the middle of the hallway.

"Come on, guys." He said walking on.


Michael spent the next few years watching for the girl called Nat, but no luck came his way. Even through one full world tour and a the first two legs of the newest tour he never once saw the same girl, and he saw a lot of girls. He had almost nothing to go off of, but he always scanned the crowds everywhere they went, and asked around about girls named Nat. He had been looking so long he was just about to give up. He was chasing after someone who may or may not actually exist anymore and he was sick of it. He had rejected countless girls because he was afraid that he would find her while he was with someone else, but that was over.

Michael got off the plane and made his way through the terminal. He was excited to go home. He was excited for a regular sleep schedule. He was even excited for Ramen Noodles at 3 am when he can't sleep because he's weirdly hungry. His thoughts were completely taken when they walked head first through the crowd that he didn't even notice that he had been separated from the guys. He managed to get to a wall and went into the first door he found.

It was a family bathroom.

"Come on Michael." He said hitting himself in the head. He looked around for an alternative exit but there didn't seem to be one. He was trapped and slightly hungry.

He did have his carry on over his shoulder so it wasn't like he had absolutely nothing with him, but all that he had left of his snacks were crumbs. So he pulled out his phone and found his text conversation with the other guys to call for help.

After a while they finally replied saying they had already left but that Dave was looking for him. He sighed. It wouldn't take long for Dave to find him, but it could take about a decade for him to get there.

So in the mean time Michael decided to play Temple Run.

He hadn't opened it in a long time, but he found he was still alright at it. Time passed and the zombie like banging on the door slowed to a small knocking. He contemplated opening the door, but he hesitated. He pressed his ear to the door and waited to hear screaming. When none came he peeked out the door and his eyes widened.

"Come on, come on, come on." There she stood muttering as she knocked. Her blue eyes were practically bunging out of her head, and her long brown hair swayed as she shifted her weight from foot to foot. It then hit him why she was here. He was in the nearest bathroom and she needed to pee. He was suddenly deeply embarrassed.

"Come on!" He said pulling her into the bathroom and himself out of it. She didn't even say thank you, she just closed and locked the door. Mikey contemplated leaving her but he had waited this long to not talk to her and he didn't know if he would ever see her again so he stayed.

He heard the toilet flush and so he sat down next to the door and waited for her. Once the door opened she glanced down at him and started to walk away. Michael panicked and grabbed her ankle. She turned around and cocked an eyebrow.

"Come on, Nat." He heard a male voice yell from across the room. He wanted to say something but his lungs wouldn't work as he stood up. The girl he had been chasing over for so long had someone else. The voice rang out calling her once more before she grabbed his arm and wrote down a number.

"Come on, Gordon." It was Dave calling him now. Mikey turned around and handed Dave his bag before turning back to tell her that his name wasn't Gordon but she was gone. He sighed and walked after Dave. He looked down at the 10 digit number on his left arm and pulled his sleeve down. Finally the day he had waited for had happened.

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