I belong to the sea. (Amazing cover by BLVEICE)


1. I

I belong to the sea.

Happiness, sadness, love...I feel nothing anymore. My soul is the sea's, and the sea is relentless.

I suppose I deserve this after what I have done. 

Oh, just remember those things you've done. Betrayed, hated,'ve done everything.

Everything. Nothing. What's the difference?

If you have everything, you have nothing that is yours. If you have nothing, you have everything that the one with everything has.

How are they different?

I cannot tell now, for I have no soul, but you can. 

Can you tell? 

I should recall the story of my plight to you. Then maybe, just maybe, my soul shall remember what it was like to be alive and free.


I cannot say exactly when this all started. So I will get as close to the beginning as I can.


The surface of the waves bounced overhead, and I giggled as I pressed my bare back into the moss-covered rock and stretched my fingers over the jagged edges. My orange-teal scales shimmered in the morning-light. 

I made myself as inconspicuous as I could, which was very difficult, seeing that my blonde hair and bright tail were obvious against the dark and dismal landscape.

I bit my lip to control my giggles as my sister swam directly by me, unknown as to where I was. 

She disappeared from my view for a minute, then swam back into my sight. She paused in front of me. 

It was too much, and I squeaked ever so slightly.

Immediately, my sister looked down at me from her position just below the water surface and laughed. "Found you, Meri!" she said in a sing-song voice, fluttering her scarlet tail furiously before swimming down to me.

I said nothing, just sighed and sat up, my joy killed by Searra's teasing. 

"Quit dragging around about being the first found and help me find Curit," said Searra, turning her head away from me, her body following her heads lead, and she swam away, flapping her tail like her very life depended on it.

I paused before leaving, looking back at the rock, saddened by the fact that I'd lost the best hiding spot ever, and followed my sister.

And I wish I hadn't.

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