Kingdom Rivalry


7. Vll

My legs began to burn as I ran. The image of Yang’s terrified face continued to flash in my mind. I panted hard shaking my head to get rid of the image. Before I noticed, I tripped and skidded across the ground. I rolled into a stop and laid there for a second. “Phoebe!” I heard Gavins voice before I felt his fur against mine. I didn’t move, I stared out ahead of me. “Are you alright? Are you hurt?” He rubbed his cheek against mine and I looked at him. “I’m fine.” I felt my eyes burning. He nudged me and I began to pull myself up. I began to feel the stinging from my arm and flinched. “Phoebe.” He sniffed it “Gavin.” I sighed looking at the ground before I quickly sat. My legs still burned and I could feel them shaking. I felt Gavin wrap his tail around me. I quickly moved away afraid I would burn him as I felt myself burning “Phoebe.” I avoided the pained look in his eyes. “I don’t want to hurt you.” I glanced at my wound on my arm and the dirt that now covered it. “You won’t hurt me Phoebe.” I shook my head “You don’t know that Gavin. I almost…I don’t understand this.” He shook his head “I don’t understand it either Phoebe, but you don’t have to learn and understand it alone. I’m here. I always want to be, forever.” He moved to stand closer to me. “Phoebe, will you-.” He stopped looking at me “Will you be my mate? Will you marry me?” I inhaled quickly, my eyes suddenly burned. “Yes.” I breathed nodding my head. I didn’t think twice, I don’t even think I thought once when I said it. Before I knew what I was doing, I threw myself at Gavin, making him fall backwards trying to catch me. His hearty laugh filled my ears and his chest fur in my face. I buried myself in him. “I love you Gavin.” I felt him tense under me. I knew he struggled with those words but I refused to not say them. “I love you too.”

“Your Majesty’s!” One of the guards rushed into the room. He quickly bowed his head when my parents, Gavin, and I turned to look to him. “Yes Nigel. What’s wrong?” Nigel looked up to my father. “The king and queen of Jacaranda are dead.” He lowered his head. My mother gasped and my father stood. “Have all the guards ready.” Nigel turned to leave “Wait.” My mother called to Nigel who stopped and turned back around “Yes my lady?” She looked at Nigel. “How did they die?” He blinked, flicking his tail “Well my lady, Queen Anastasia fell ill a moon ago. She got better but her illness worsened just as soon as she healed. King Robin was killed by a wolf of his own kingdom but they still have yet to know exactly who.” My mother nodded “So that leaves who as the next king?” I looked to my mother “Or Queen.” Gavin chimed in. My father looked over his shoulder “It wouldn’t be a Queen. Princess Duchess and Prince Elliot are too young to rule.” My mother stood quickly “My god! That leaves Prince Blueblood as King.” My father turned back to Nigel. “Ready the guards for any intrusions from Jacaranda.” He looked back to Gavin “Gavin, go with him, get some guards to reinforce our walls.” Gavin stood quickly and nuzzled me and trot out of the room with Nigel behind him. I watched them leave before looking to my mother “What does this mean for us mother?” She stared at the ground, her eyes wide “Phoebe, when a new King or Queen is uh put on to the throne and neither of the previous King or Queen is alive.” He looked to my mother and placed his wing over her. “Well our treaty with Jacaranda is no longer valid.” My mother stood looking to me with wide eyes. “Prince Blueblood doesn’t have a treaty with us.” She looked to my father “We have to do this soon or the whole kingdom could be in danger.” My father shook his head “It won’t work, we’re still alive and she’s not married.” I looked between my parents “What won’t work?” They both looked at me “We planned to step down and give you power but you wouldn’t have much power without a husband.” I looked to my mother and she smiled to me. “Phoebe, you would still be queen but you won’t have as much power as Prince Blueblood would have. The only way to have as much or even more power than him is to marry.” I felt the floor under me shake. As I regained my breath my father stood next to me, wrapping his wing over me. “You can only marry if you want to marry. We will not force you.” He looked at my mother who nodded. “But you would be safer if you were to marry.” I looked up to my father and nodded “I understand. But what about now?” My parents looked to each other. “Dear, we have to.” My mother’s face broadened. I began to question which one of my parents was the heir and who was married into all of this. “If we must, there is no other way is there?” My mother shook her head now looking at me. “Guards!” my father called loudly, making me jump. It took a while before one of the guards flew in and landed quickly in front of my parents and me. “My apologies for the delay my king, all of the guards are working on the outer wall.” My father nodded “It’s fine. Call Gavin to us.” I looked to my father then my mother for help but she looked to the guards. ‘What are they doing?’ I asked to myself. The guard nodded and quickly flew out of the room. “Phoebe, your mother and I can clearly see how loyal and in love you and Gavin are with each other.” My mother nodded in agreement. “Yes, he is.” My father lifted his wing from over me. He padded to stand next to my mother. “He is also very honorable and trustworthy. He will be a perfect king.” My father smiled proudly sticking his chest out. ‘Oh.’ I held up my paw to stop them. “We have been very close these past few months. I’m glad you like him and accept him. But there is something, I must tell the both of you before Gavin returns.” I looked toward the door then back to them. “Gavin and I are expecting to marry.” My mother stood quickly “Oh, that’s lovely dear.” She was nearly squealing. “But. We are expecting a few other things as well.” I swept my tail from under me. My belly had begun to expand quite a bit. I had tried to hide it as best I could from everyone, except Fiction. She knew before I did. That was almost two weeks ago. My mother’s eyes stretched wide and my father’s jaw opened. I noticed he tensed. “I’m back. You needed me for something sir?” He appeared next to me. My fathers ears went back and he launched himself at Gavin. “Father no!” I shouted standing quickly. “Jay stop!” My mother called trying to help me push him back. When we finally pushed him back I stood between Gavin and my father “You got my little girl pregnant?!” My father spat at him “What?” I glared at my father, his ears were flat on his head “He didn’t know.” I held my tail up and my wings open. “That’s beside the fact. You two shouldn’t have had sex in the first place! You should have waited for god’s sake.” He slid my mother aside and walked to stand face to face with me. I looked into his fierce eyes and watched him soften. He sighed heavily and sat down, pulling me into an embrace. “I’m not angry, just worried. I’m thrilled to be a grand-father, I really am.” His arm tightened around me and I pushed against his chest. “Father I’m uh…” He quickly released me. “I’m sorry.” He turned to Gavin “My apologies Gavin, I over reacted. I hope you can forgive me.” I felt my pelt burn “Think nothing of it sir.” He came and sat next to me. I moved my tail back under me and laid down. “Gavin, we called you back because there was a sudden idea.” Gavin nodded glancing at me. I blushed and laid my head down on my paws and he laid down next to me and extended his wing over me. “Phoebe alone will not have as much power as Prince Blueblood alone. But with you. You both together will have more power than him. And now with your future pups. Even if Prince Blueblood gets married, you will have the power of a potential heir.” Gavin nodded “I get it.” My mother nodded “So what has to happen is, you both have to get married.” Gavin nodded “We’d planned to do that.” My mother nodded “Yes. But in light of this new information. It has to be sooner.” Gavin nodded “That’s understandable. But what I want to know is, when was I going to know you were pregnant?” He looked directly at me. “Gavin, can we talk about that later. In private?” I looked at him. He was upset about it, it was clear. I meant to tell him but I was afraid he wouldn’t want to keep them. Fiction often wondered why he hadn’t noticed yet. Gavin groaned but nodded. “How soon can we be married?” He turned to my parents. My father thought for a second “Well, whenever you wish. But it wouldn’t be private really.” My mother sat down and my father followed “And the chapel the royal families are supposed to use is on land.” Gavin nodded looking to me and I nodded “Okay.” We both looked to my parents. “What will we have to do?” I asked trying to pull myself up. Gavin quickly stood to help me up.

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