Kingdom Rivalry


6. VI

“Phoebe, do you know what to do?” My mother whispered into my ear. I stood staring at the wolf ahead of me. She was my size but she stood confidently. She was my mother’s age so she obviously had more experience than I. I nodded “Yes, mother.” She nudged my shoulder, “Remember, this is your final test. She will not hold back and neither should you. But just don’t kill her.” I chuckled “I won’t.” I refused to tell my mother of the grudge Yang had on my mother. Since, I began my training with this wolf; she’d told me time and time again how she could have been my mother. “Good Luck.” My mother finally flew to the edge of the room and then out but not before she turned to look at me one more time. The room we were in was surrounded by glass so anyone could look in and that was exactly what my family was doing. Besides the glass, there were pillars around the area to hide behind. A horn sounded above us and I stayed in my place. Yang on the other hand, ran and launched at me. I pushed myself backwards and she landed in front of me and I launched at her, pinning her to the ground. She squirmed under me. I quickly leapt off her. “Good one, princess.” She spat and I tensed under her gaze. She sheathed her claws and I stepped back. I could hear her growl and I watched her. She stood up glaring at me “Yang, don’t do it.” I sheathed my claws in warning. She trotted toward me, sneering. I stood in my place and glanced toward my family and quickly back to Yang. She launched at me with her claws fully extended and I moved quickly to the side but not quick enough. I felt a stinging feeling on my shoulder and saw a clean cut on my shoulder. Blood began to run down my arm. I glanced at my family and noticed my father standing in front of Gavin who stared in horror at me. I lowered my head and looked at the floor. “Yes, princess. You are not invincible. You can get hurt just like everyone else.” I saw her paws come into view. My eyes burned for a second and quickly stopped. “Like your mother was. She’s pathetic, such as yourself. Nothing but an embarrassment.” I felt strength that I never felt before and rose my head up to look at her. My fur felt like it burned but I ignored it. She gasped slightly, her face taking the look of shock. I opened my wings which felt like they burned as well. “How dare you.” I stepped forward, nearly looking down at her growling; I held my chin high. “I am Phoebe. The princess of Autopia- You’re princess.” The heat grew hotter. “I am the daughter of Jay and Kathleen. I will not stand by and listen to you talk down about me or my family.” My growl turned into a snarl. She turned and ran toward the door and I lifted myself up with my wings and flew ahead of her and landed in front of her “Where are you going?” I glared at her. She slid to a stop in front of me. My mouth started burning and I opened it partially. I smelled smoke but ignored it. This wolf had to be taught a lesson. I didn’t care if she was a so-called friend of my mothers, she will learn. She now stared at me in horror. “Phoebe!” I heard Gavin’s voice behind me. I opened my mouth farther in a snarl. The back of my throat burned. Soon Gavin stood in front of me. I quickly closed my mouth and looked at him still glaring. “Gavin, move.” I tried to move around him but he moved back into my path between me and her. “Gavin.” I heard my father’s voice now. Gavin continued to look at me. I soon looked in his amber eyes and the fur along my spine flattened and so did my ears. I quickly turned around and saw my reflection in the glass. My hair was no longer my hair but fire, my wings were the same and smoke seared through my nose. My eyes were no longer green but blood red. They now burned and I shook my head and ran for the exit. “Phoebe!” I heard both my parents calling after me.

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