Kingdom Rivalry


3. III

“Phoebe! Wake up, you must get ready. The contest it today.” I woke up to my little sister shaking me “Alright, alright I’m awake.” I lightly pushed her off my bed. She fell just a little way until she outstretched her wings. She was only six so I did that whenever she woke me for anything. It was fun to watch her fly, especially being the one who taught her to fly. She was white like everyone else, with an exception of me who was a light grey. She had our fathers’ blue eyes. Long straight hair, but the only thing that confused me was the black patch over her ear. It was kind of odd but I didn’t care and she didn’t either. I pulled myself up from my bed and stretched. I look over at the pup and noticed she was already staring at me. I smiled and she stood up. I quickly picked her up by the scruff and leapt to the floor where Joy was. “I still don’t see why you want you want your bed to hang like that.” She looked at my bed that was hoisted from the ceiling. I placed the pup on the floor in front of me. “Because, it’s just more comfortable that way to me.” She tilted her head slightly to the side and I shook my head “I like it.” She giggled before looking around to make sure no one else was listening “Who do you think will win?” She whispered “I’m not sure, I hope Christian wins.” I whispered back “He’s trained almost every day. He hasn’t played with me in ages!” She exclaimed I smiled at her as I walked toward my closet and my sister followed right behind me. “Is she coming with us to the tournament?” I heard my sisters whisper and I looked behind me before opening the door. “I think so. I’m not entirely sure.” I reached for the closet door and opened it before my bedroom door opened “Gavin!” I heard my sisters squeal from behind me. I felt him standing behind me before I saw him. “Good morning your highnesses.” I glanced at him and smiled “Good morning Gavin. How are you?” I turned back toward the closet and grabbed my silver bracelets, both had my family’s crest. “Oh um, I’m doing just fine. And you?” I turned around and walked toward my mirror and sat. I placed my bracelets on the floor in front of me and looked back at Gavin. “I’m quite alright. Thank you. Could you do me a favor?” I moved my tail straight out behind me. “Of course.” He moved to my dresser and grabbed my brush for my tail. As he began brushing my tail, I clasped one of my bracelets around my wrists. “Joyous! Come along now, you have to get ready as well.” I heard my mother’s voice. My sister scrambled across my room and out the door. “So what happened last night?” I turned to him as I clasped the second bracelet. “Oh, uh, I talked with my brother and then saw the little one over there in trouble and wanted to help her so I did.” He glanced at the pup who sat staring at him. “Hi, there little one.” He continued brushing my tail with the brush that was wrapped around his paw. The pup tilted her head still looking at him. “Hello.” Her voice was clipped but still girlish. “What’s your name?” She glanced at me and I nodded smiling and she quickly turned back to him. “Aloe.” She blinked “Can I ask you both something?” I looked at her as Gavin did the same. “Of course.” She stood looking around “Is there someone watching you?” She lowered her head and whispered. Gavin looked back toward me and I shrugged “What makes you think that?” Gavin tilted his ears in all directions checking for any sign of anyone nearby. “Because you’re happy. And you.” He pointed at Gavin with her paw. “You’re helping her.” She finally pointed at me. Gavin chuckled finally, I still stared at her. “Well little one, I love helping her.” He put my brush on my dresser and sat beside me. He kissed my cheek. “It’s what someone does when they love another.” My breath caught silently. My cheeks warmed. “So you’re the prince or king?” Gavin shook his head “Neither. I’m sure I will never be, but I don’t mind it. All I want is to be with her and to make her happy.” I blinked as my eyes watered slightly. “Exactly.” She cleared her throat. “That’s not how we do it.” She puffed out her chest. “Hmm?” She drew back realizing she’d said to much “I-I’m sorry.” I shook my head “Why are you apologizing?” She began to panic. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I stood up quickly moving closer to her, laying down in front of her. She coward away from me. I noticed she fluffed out her fur. “It’s alright Aloe.” She stared at me her eyes wide. Gavin stood behind me. “Tell me what’s wrong?” She looked around and then stared at Gavin. “It’s alright, he won’t tell anyone.” Her fur finally lay flat on her back. She cuffed her paw, bringing me closer to her and the same with Gavin until we lay closely in front of her like a group of gossiping pups which I found ironic. “It’s King Robin, he’s making Prince Blueblood his next heir.” I pulled my head back. This information was highly classified. How did a pup know about it? No one besides King Robin and Queen Anastasia should know this. “How do you know this Aloe?” Gavin asked before I could “I heard it from my mother.” Her eyes shown slightly. “How does she know?” Aloe shrugged “Jacaranda isn’t like here. You seem happy and…I’m not used to it.” Gavin pulled away “You’re not happy being in Jacaranda?” Aloe nodded “That’s right. I may be a pup but I know when something isn’t right. I’ve known something wasn’t right for a couple weeks now.” I tilted my head slightly confused. “Like what?” She looked at me and her face hardened “Well, when you found me. I was just being taken from my mother. To be honest, I was glad they did. All she ever did was growl at me.” I looked at Geoff “Where were they taking you? Were there others?” Aloe shrugged and then nodded “There were loads of us. Some a bit older than me and some even younger…” She trailed off “What is it?” She shook her head as if trying to shake some horrid image from her head. “Some of the younger ones didn’t make it.” I gasped looking at Gavin. “We must do something.” He shook his head “We can do nothing. But you and your parents can. There is no impact I can do.” His ears went back quickly. My mother soon walked into the room staring at all of us. “Well, isn’t this a circle.” She chuckled looking at Gavin who bowed to her “Your highness.” She rolled her eyes. “Oh honestly Gavin, there’s no need for that now. I heard about your little ‘confrontation’ with Jay. You have my blessing as much as his.” She ran one of her wings under his chin. “So, I’d also would like you to join us at the contest, and to sit with Phoebe.” She beamed with pride. Gavin looked at me flabbergasted and I smiled at him nodding. He quickly turned back to her and nodded. “I would be honored.” My mother shook her head “Just be happy.” She chuckled. I could help containing my giggle.

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