Kingdom Rivalry


2. II

I awoke several hours later, I stood up quickly as if someone had been calling me. Looking around quickly I see no one confused. “A clear night.” I yawned. I looked over the edge of the cloud smiling but my smile quickly faded. Three large wolves circled a somewhat smaller wolf. Quickly I leapt over the edge pinpointing where I would land. ‘Our body structures are smaller than theirs so we’d be faster but not stronger.’ I shook my head at the reminder of what my brother said earlier. I landed on my paws hard over the smaller wolf, snarling. Causing a gust of dirt to rise into the air around me and the smaller wolf who was covering its eyes with its paws. I could hear them coughing “What the hell?” One of the three asked aloud confused. “Don’t know, but she’s a pretty little thing ain’t she?” Another gawked at me as if I was a trophy. “Look at those wings! She must be an angel.” It was hard to tell what color these wolves were but they all had amber eyes much like Christians. “Arg! What do you think you’re doing?!” I yelped as one of the males yanked my tail sharply making a shiver run up my back. I try to pull my tail from the brutes’ jaw but only made him tighten his grasp. “Oh what’s wrong sweet tail? Does it hurt?” One of the other two snickered close to my face. “Why don’t you sit down; the pain won’t be as bad.” The other male who was holding my tail yanked down making me sit. I swiped my right paw with unsheathed claws at him, smacking him what I saw was hard. The other wolf gasped “Let me go.” I growled when the male turned back toward me, the smell of blood greeted me. “Quite a forearm you have there sweet tail. It’s a shame you won’t be using it on me again.” He chuckled, the male holding my tail released and the male who stood in front of me launched himself at me, pinning me to the ground. “Get off me!” I lashed my head, being the only thing I could move. “In due time sweetness.” He growled I closed my eyes, not wanting to see what’s about to happen. Suddenly all his weight was released off me, hearing muffled grunts I opened my eyes looking around seeing none of the males from before. I looked around and noticed the small wolf from before. I walked toward the wolf quickly “Hey, are you alright little one?” The small wolf shivered as it uncovered its eyes. It gazed at me, its eyes wide. It crawled under me and leaned against my stomach. “What’s your name little one?” She shivered again “Aloe.” I smiled “That’s a lovely name.” “Princess.” I heard someone call out to me and looked behind me to see one of the guards landing “Are you harmed?” I shook my head and stood up revealing the pup under me. The guard looked at the pup confused then looked at me. “I want you to take her to Fiction and have her checked out. If she refuses, tell her I asked to have her checked out.” He nodded quickly picking up the pup “Walk her to my room when Fiction is finished.” He nodded before opening his wings and taking off toward my home. I looked on until I could barely see them. I sighed before lifting myself into the sky. Once I flew through the window, I noticed my father. He turned to look at me flying and stood up. “Hello Phoebe.” His voice was a low rumble. My father was a completely white muscular wolf. He always carried himself strongly, some days mostly his comfortable days, his hair would cover his left eye. His blue eyes were so piercing that no one could lie. I feel as if my mother was the only one who wasn’t affected. “Hi daddy, um I have to talk to you.” He grunted which was never a good time. “Yeah, I do too.” I blinked “Okay, what is it?” He blinked “Well, Gavin came to talk to me a little earlier… about you.” I sat down, trying to hold my smile down. “About?” He stared at me without blinking. “He asked me for your paw.” I blinked “D-do you wish for him to have your paw?” I nodded “I do father.” He blinked then smiled “Then I give you both my blessing.” I chuckled “I’ll give Gavin the good news.” “What did you have to tell me?” I thought for a second, then I told him what happened. “So I have Fiction looking over her now, to make sure she’s alright.” My father nodded, “Alright, I’ll send for a private meeting with the King of Jacaranda.” I nodded “Guards!” My father shouted making me jump. Three wolves appeared quickly “Your highness.” They all bowed simultaneously. “Have the messenger send a message for a meeting with the Royal family of the Jacaranda isle.” The three nodded, turning and flew out the window. “I’d like for her to sleep in my room for the time being.” I noticed him tense “Do you think that’s a good idea?” I blinked “She’s just a pup father.” He shrugged then nodded “Your majesty’s.” We both turned our heads to look at Fiction. “I’ve looked over her and she looks alright. She’s shaken up so I’ve sent her with Gavin to your room.” She winked at me and I blushed.

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