Kingdom Rivalry


1. I

I bounced through the corridor, my hair edging to keep up with me. I was excited. “I wanna party, I wanna Sumba!” I chanted to myself two more times before leaping off a small coffee table spinning clockwise to land on my paws. “Imma fly, fly just like a bird.” I sang extending my wings “But you are a bird.” A dove like creature flew to my side. “Oh yeah you’re right so let me fly just like a rocket then.” I launched myself out of a nearby window. “Star ships are meant to fly!” I sang clinging my wings to my sides, nearly looking like a bullet falling from the sky as if locked onto its target. I suddenly outstretched my wings, the force of the updraft nearly threw me off. I looked out over the cloud in confusion. “That’s odd, today was supposed to be clear.” I quickly looked around for anyone in the clouds knowing full well I don’t have the eagle’s vision like my father. I sighed, seeing a cloud big enough for me to land on. “Okay Phoebe, you can do this.” I shift my wings so I could at least get an angle. I dived for the cloud before realizing I shouldn’t have. I flapped my wings frantically trying to slow down. Before I knew it, I had hit the cloud head first. “I really need to work on my landings.” I groaned pulling myself out of the cloud. “Yeah, you do. Honestly I’m glad I moved.” A white muscular male stepped out from his cover in the cloud, somewhat like a fort. His amber eyes full with amusement as he looked down at me. “Oh ha ha, that’s really funny Christian. I’ll remember that when you lose at tomorrow’s Royal Flight.” I scoffed turning away from him and looking over the edge. “Um Christian?” I called looking back slightly to look at my brother who was already standing next to me in my surprise. “Hmm?” He turned looking at me, his amber eyes burning from the sunlight’s brightness. “Do you ever um do you ever think about what um…” I staggered looking at my paws. “Think about the ground?” He continued sighing “Yes, always.” He turned to look up at the large castle that hovered with the help of a very large cloud keeping it in place. “Do you ever think daddy will let me have another relationship?” He looked down at me “This is about Damian, isn’t it?” He narrowed his eyes slightly “No!” I remembered how my brother told me what Damian said, he’d only wanted to become king. Or close to it anyway. “Then who?” he looked away to think then turned back to me “Gavin?” I flushed red. I felt my face warming up. “N-no.” I noticed when he smiled “I like him. He’s an honorary guard.” I turned to him “He is pretty great.” My brother chuckled but his gaze hardened. “Anyway, only you know if you want another relationship. You’re 19, you’re a grown wolf now. But you are still a royal. You do still have to take extra care in choosing someone. They may be the next king if anything happens.” I glanced at him. “But don’t let dad choose them for you.” Christian stood opening his wings “It’s really up to you Phoebe.” He flapped his wings rising above me, I giggled as his feathers tickled my nose. He turned around flapping in front of me. “But if I were you, I’d give Gavin a chance.” He said before he flew away. I sighed before sitting at the edge of the cloud. I pulled myself up to sit on my hind legs. I rubbed my cheeks with both of my paws. “Evening princess.” I jumped by the voice. I looked behind me seeing no one. I stood up quickly looking around “Down here princess.” I looked down to see Gavin’s head poking through the cloud. He smiled widely. “Um Good Evening Gavin.” I smiled “I didn’t mean to scare you princess.” I shook my head still looking down at him. “You didn’t scare me; I just didn’t expect it.” He chuckled “Of course princess.” He pulled himself through the cloud “Gavin, you know you can call me Phoebe, right?” He stared at me for a second “If that’s what you want princess.” He chuckled and I smiled “I was actually hoping to find you here.” I blinked sitting down. Gavin was a snow-white wolf like all the Autopians. He was taller than me, almost as tall as my father. His amber eyes were like ruby’s; his wings were massive like Christians. If I remembered correctly, he was a fast flyer but he was also a highly skilled guard. “I needed to talk with you about something important.” “I’m listening.” He looked away from me which made me uneasy. “It’s about a girl.” I felt my smile slip away. “What about her?” I pushed past the lump I felt in my throat. “Well I think I’m in love with her.” My eyes burned but I fought back the tears and focused on my breathing “How do you know you love her?” he smiled looking up into the sky. “How could I not?” Her fur is as soft as silk; her eyes are like spring valleys. You could get lost just by looking into them. I still do. Her hair is like the waves at sea. In my opinion, she’s more beautiful than Queen Kathleen herself.” I felt like I was choking, I cleared my throat before speaking “Well, why don’t you go and ask her to be yours?” I blinked away the tears before he turned to face me. “Because I don’t know if she even likes me.” His smile faded “Well you don’t know if you don’t try. Who is she anyway?” He blinked then smiled “Princess, it’s you.” He blushed, my eyes widened, the lump in my throat gone and the breaking feeling in my chest was replaced by quick beats. I shook my head “M-me?” he nodded “But if you’re not interested, I understand.” He turned away looking at his paws, I finally gathered my nerves back and walked toward Gavin and pushed my head under his chin pulling his up. I sat next to him with our fur brushing together “Don’t be foolish. Of course, I’m interested.” He soon wrapped hi tail around me but soon pulled himself away. “I-I can’t. Not yet.” I looked at him “Can’t what?” “I should ask your father first before.” I blinked “Then what are you waiting for?” He smiled widely, “Oh yeah.” He opened his wings and flapped toward my home, glancing back at me.

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